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Gamifying a Thrivable Future

Founded in 2014, EARTHwise is a pioneering ecosystem dedicated to transforming self and society through innovative, consciousness-driven technologies and living systems principles. Our educational online platform, game studio, publishing house, and research center collaborate to address the world's most pressing challenges.

At EARTHwise Games, we lead the way in developing transformative technologies, harnessing benevolent AIAGI prototypes to create solutions for the wicked problems of our time. By seamlessly integrating education and entertainment, EARTHwise Solutions drive engagement and empower impactful change. Our impact extends beyond technology; we played an active role in achieving UNESCO World Heritage status for Le Morne Mountain in Mauritius (pictured above).

Building a Planetary Civilization

EARTHwise is also a movement for building a thriving planetary, guided by the EARTHwise Constitution, which serves as our compass. The EARTHwise Constitution is based on the wisdom and principles of living systems and guides our activities and governance in collaboration with our partners.

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Grow your Organization as a Living System

Organizations are complex systems, just like humans. Unfortunately, most organizations and their economic growth models have been designed as mechanistic systems. This creates all kinds of systemic thrivability barriers for human development, organizational learning, transformational change, and collective intelligence. 

Our core expertise is the application of living system principles to the design and development of organizations and their growth models. You can read more about this through our feature article HERE.

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EARTHwise Publications

EARTHwise is the publisher of the award-winning bestsellers of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston. The Quest of Rose is the 2022 Silver Winner of the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards, and Return of the Avatars is the 2023 Gold Winner.

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EARTHwise Centre Ltd serves as the educational platform and research hub of our EARTHwise ecosystem, and is registered and based in Mauritius. It is a CSR-registered non-profit company (BRN C15131982 | NCSRF/2018/0005). Your donations to the EARTHwise Centre enable us to continue our:

  • Research for¬†the Elowyn: Quest of Time game.
  • Research, multi-stakeholder input facilitation, and design of the AGI¬†Constitution project.
  • EARTHwise educational activities for empowering younger generations, including our work with schools as part of our education for sustainability program.
  • EARTHwise scholarship schemes for Indigenous elders, youth, and people in¬†challenging socio-economic positions.
  • Free EARTHwise online events and community-building activities.
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