Essential Foundations for a Thrivability Civilization by Author Kim Conrad

There are numerous essential foundations for this unfolding of a new civilization based on Thrivability.

A couple of them are ‘inclusive diversity’ and ‘co-creative collaboration’. Inclusive diversity is the art of seeking out and leveraging the collective mixture of individual differences and similarities. Co-creative collaboration is to beneficially maximize the leveraging of this inclusive diversity for the greater good of the whole ‘organ-ization’. The ‘organ-I-zation’ can include our physical body, a family, a community, any organization(s) and our world.

Let’s take a brief look at our physical bodies and how they are a beautiful living example of both of these concepts. You can then map this information onto any organization – group – this world - as you wish.

Inclusive diversity for me is about trusting the innate design of the Universe – cosmic intelligence that is a part of everything. My body is much better off when I have all my body parts living to their fullest potential possible at that moment in time and collaborating with each other for my whole body’s greater good. By doing so, it is also for the greater good of each organ and other body parts too. By living in and from inclusive diversity everyone wins – each body part and the whole. Plus I have a much happier day too! J

For example - I am so grateful my heart seems to be very happy being my heart and my liver stays my liver. They don’t put each other down, have an identity crisis or try to prove one is better than the other – they co-exist – they live in ‘inclusive diversity’ and are constantly living in co-creative collaboration within themselves and the other parts of my body for ‘our’ greater well-being.

When you have an organization it can be helpful for the members of each ‘part’ of the organization to collaboratively co-create optimizing their collaborative participation through inclusive diversity: 

- how are they to contribute to the greater good of the whole?

- what environment helps keep ‘them’ – their part - healthy?

- what does healthy co-creative collaboration look like in this particular relationship setting?

- what flows easily for each part/team and for the whole?

- what challenges are presenting themselves?

- what ways can the wisdom of these challenges be perceived to help each part and the whole optimize itself to its newest level of expression?

- what else?

 Diversity and the inclusion of the diversity present are absolutely necessary for the whole – whatever it is – to function and thrive. When the integrity of each part is whole and willing to collaborate for the greater whole a thrivable world is possible. Personal optimization through collective optimizing ensues and vice versa.

 What ways can you optimize your own existence and our world’s through your resonance and living embodiment of inclusive diversity and co-creative collaboration?

How amazing can your day become as you live into and as an ever optimizing inclusive thrivable world?

To the innate brilliance of You, Us and All of Life.

Written by Kim Conrad - EARTHwise Centre Core Team


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