About EARTHwise & Our Community

Founders and Core Team

Stewarding EARTHwise Solutions for a Thrivable World

Anneloes Smitsman


Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM), is the founder and CEO of the EARTHwise companies and a co-founder of the Elowyn DAO. She is a futurist, serial-entrepreneur, systems scientist, award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change, and award-winning bestselling author. She leads the EARTHwise faculty and is the lead architect of the EARTHwise Constitution and architect of the EARTHwise Game, Elowyn: Quest of TIme. She was awarded the 2022 Visioneers Lifetime Achievement Award and was crowned overall African winner in the category "Human Development" of the 2022 Africa’s Most Respected CEOs Awards by The Business Executive in collaboration with the Economic Development Board Mauritius. She is also a winner of the BIZZ 2022 Business Excellence Award by WORLDCOB. She holds a Master’s degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Anneloes is based in Mauritius and the Netherlands.


Kurt Barnes


Dr. Kurt Barnes (ND, DEA, Histoire Uni of Paris 8) ND, DEA, is a co-founder and Chair of the EARTHwise companies. He is the architect of the EARTHwise Human Diagnostics for Psycho-Social Transitions and part of the EARTHwise faculty. He is a senior psy-coach and psycho-social expert with extensive expertise in working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. As an international psycho-social expert he has worked among migrants from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and America, providing training and consultancy to improve their living conditions and eco-psychological health. He carried out this work in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related to these issues. He worked for many years in Europe and North America. Kurt is also a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialization in psychology, psychotherapy, and biofeedback. He was Knighted in the Order of Academic Palms in 2004 by the French Republic for his outstanding service. Kurt is based in Mauritius and Europe.


Alexander Laszlo


Dr. Alexander Laszlo (Ph.D.) is a co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre and co-founder of the Elowyn DAO. He stewards the ecosystem development of EARTHwise through his extensive network and is part of the EARTHwise faculty. He is President of the Board of Directors of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS), Director of Research at the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (LINPR), Co-Founder and Global Collaborator of Global Education Futures (GEF), and Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Social Systems Foundation (SSF LLC.). He served as 57th President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS), and was Founding Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation at ITBA, Argentina. As Professor of Systems Science and Evolutionary Development, he teaches on evolutionary leadership, collaboration, and systems thinking at a variety of MBA and Doctoral programs internationally. Alexander is based in Argentina.


Justine Page


Justine Page is a co-founder of EARTHwise Centre and co-founder of the Elowyn DAO. She is a brand steward for the EARTHwise ecosystem and part of the EARTHwise faculty. She is also a consultant, coach, facilitator, and public speaker, with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience, in marketing, branding and personal development. Her passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside-out through the empowering process of connecting people with their essence and their true potential. As a former executive at one of the world leading advertising and marketing company in New York, she has experience with international brands, blue chip companies and award-winning campaigns. She has worked and lived in ten countries across five continents. Her experience of working and living in a variety of cultures has built her credibility as a leader able to drive the creative process in brand-building development across global, local and personal brands. Justine is based in Australia.


Anita Sanchez


Dr. Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Nahua (Aztec) and Mexican American. She is an indigenous wisdom Steward for the EARTHwise ecosystem and is part of the EARTHwise faculty. She is a consultant, trainer, speaker to Fortune 500 companies, education and non-profit organizations.¬† She bridges indigenous wisdom and science for individual to societal renewal focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural transformation. She is a former board member of the Pachamama Alliance, a board member of Bioneers, a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and the Transformational Leadership Council. Anita is the author of seven books, including her international award-winning book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. She was awarded the 2022 Mogul‚Äôs Top 100 DEI Leaders, 2020 Conscious Company Media ‚ÄúWorld Changing Woman‚ÄĚ and 2020 World Woman‚Äôs Foundation ‚ÄúWoman of the Hour‚ÄĚ #SheisMyHero campaign to inspire 1 million girls to live their dreams and leadership. Anita leads an annual Pachamama Alliance journey into the sacred headwaters of the Amazon. Anita is based in the United States.


Mikaela Dragon


Mikaela Dragon is a purpose-led, London-based Integrated Creative / Design Director with over 12 years of experience championing brand narratives across diverse industries. Awarded the prestigious WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications Leadership) Talent Award in 2024. Served as Creative Director at Amazon PXT Tech and Creative Lead at Amazon Treasure Truck. Lifelong advocate for change, combining a strategic mindset, a flair for conceptual thinking, and an obsession with storytelling to create meaningful work that impacts brands and cultures alike. Her passion and creativity Board member at Shesays. Champions increased support, opportunities, and neuro-inclusion for women and non-binary individuals in the creative industry.


Fermin Casaubon


Fermin Casaubon is the Social Media Director for the EARTHwise Games studio. He's an award-winning brand strategy and omnichannel marketing expert with 10+ years’ experience between agency, in-house and own business across Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Technology and Luxury industries driving £250M+ in revenue. He helps brands and products go-to-market in different countries by thinking globally and executing locally with a customer-driven mindset, offering a rare combination of analytical skills driven by market trends, customer insights and performance data, strong creative flair and a risk-taking mindset to produce game-changing content strategy and marketing programs for the world’s most culturally relevant brands. 


Chris Tomasso


Chris Tomasso is leading the gamification strategies for the EARTHwise game and community development. He facilitated team and leadership development for Silicon Valley tech companies, and led projects for the top gamification consultancy in the world; empowering millions of users through his work with Fortune 500s and startups. (projects in sectors of Tech, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Blockchain). He also guides conscious leaders to unlock their potential (including multi 6 figure launches) through a unique blend of systems thinking and play. As an intuitive systems thinker and new paradigm storyteller, he guides individuals and organizations to their collective sovereignty, based on his deep understanding and playful applications of systemic and shamanic transformation processes.


Sabinije von Gaffke


Sabinije von Gaffke is a co-founder of Elowyn DAO and serves as the public voice for the EARTHwise game. She is an award-winning international Moderator, Facilitator, Speaker, Broadcast Journalist and Communications Catalyst in the intersection of Tech, Leadership, Sustainability, Impact and Health. She has extensive experience of global summits, live studio broadcasts, public speaking and leadership workshops. Her assignments include: Women in IT New York, Nordic Business Forum, Microsoft, EQT, Brilliant Minds, Humanity Rising Summit, Google, NENT, Danske Bank, Women in Tech, ICT Luxembourg, Accenture, Wisdom Stockholm, SAAB, Ericsson, Nasdaq, TEDx, Octapharma, PWC. Sabinije is based in Norway.


Jonathan Lee


Jonathan Lee is a seasoned crypto trading expert and gaming consultant and serves as the professional game tester for the Elowyn: Quest of Time game development. He provides key insights into game mechanics and game development to ensure players have an enjoyable Web3 gaming experience. He also supports the EARTHwise Games community development and engagement. He serves as VP of Business Development of Iinuma Consulting Partners and works as an Asset Manager and lead tester for companies that provide enterprise asset management software, including two of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. His attention to detail and software design helps companies to create and deliver the best product possible. 


Mitch Apley


Mitch Apley is the executive producer for the EARTHwise Games video content. He's been a filmmaker for most of his career. Brings the world of technologically and philosophically enhanced creative production to the EARTHwise team. Graduated from Northwestern University’s vaunted film program, then established himself as a pillar of the Chicago film and advertising community. Directed international documentaries in the Middle East and Africa, and spent over a decade in high-end pharmaceutical advertising.


Aamina Simone


Aamina Simone in based in New Delhi, India, and is committed to re-contextualising ancient philosophies for our present time. Having lived in Lagos, London and Singapore through her formative years, her journey weaves together diverse cultures, artistic expressions, and techno-futurism. With a background in Fashion, including stints at Prada in London, and Saint Laurent in Hong Kong, Aamina’s path evolved into pursuing holistic avenues; as former brand manager of Paro Botanica, and a consultant at CCG, she is presently offering her time and services as a communications intern and project coordinator of the creative teams and PR/Media productions.


Daniela Quilitzsch


Daniela Quillitzsch is a co-founder of the Elowyn DAO and leads the community development of the EARTHwise Game, and the EARTHwise Collaboratory DAO.. She is a strategist, therapist, consultant and coach for global change and evolutionary leadership. Has founded and co-founded more than 10 social projects and organizations and guided over 100 social founders and projects worldwide from, which millions of people have benefited. Environmental and social responsibility, healing and empowerment. Daniela is based in Germany and South Africa. 


Krista Demmel


Krista Demmel (MA, LMHC) is a psychotherapist, author, speaker, and visionary for a united Earth. Her passion is healing the developmental and generational trauma that affects individuals' relationship to self, Earth, and others so we can live in harmony. She teaches unity consciousness in her community, and uses the power of story to inspire people to live for the highest good of all. She is an advocate for underserved children and families in rural areas. She has a background in organizational communication, marketing, and community building. Krista is based in the United States. 


The EARTHwise Ecosystem

Guided by the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization

EARTHwise is a collaborative ecosystem that pioneers the systems and capacities for a new and thrivable civilization. As a collaboration of aligned individuals, industry thought leaders, institutions, grassroots movements, and communities we are ready and committed to take massive action for the future of life and our collective wellbeing.

The EARTHwise ecosystem comprises EARTHwise Centre, EARTHwise Innovations, EARTHwise Ventures, EARTHwise Collaboratory, EARTHwise Alliance, and Elowyn DAO. Each of these arms work together as a Tipping Point System for the deep and rapid transformations of self and society.

The name ‚ÄúEARTHwise‚ÄĚ means to become¬†wise¬†like our Earth, and to act in harmony with the evolutionary principles of our planet.

Our Values

These are our eight core Stewardship Values from the EARTHwise Constitution, which guide how we grow, develop, and evolve our capacities and consciousness.

5.1 ORIGINALITY ignites our creativity from our direct connection with the source wisdom of life. We honor how we are each an original expression of consciousness.

5.2 INSPIRATION expands our creativity as attractors of our future human becoming. We apply our inspiration to ignite our passion for the greater possibilities that call us forth.

5.3 COURAGE empowers us as stewards for a planetary civilization, and co-creators of thrivable worlds and futures. We apply our courage with compassion and gentle strength.

5.4 TRUST connects us to the collective heart of our humanity and the inherent essence of who we are. We give trust to the Cosmos and our Earth for guiding and supporting us.

5.5 LOVE sustains us with the strength, vision, and understanding for how to co-create thrivable worlds and futures. We invest in our quality of life with the power of love.

5.6 COMMITMENT prioritizes our actions and decisions for thrivable worlds and futures. We apply our commitment as a future ancestor of a planetary civilization.

5.7 CREATIVITY inspires how we approach challenges and opportunities, and grow our future human capacities. We apply our creativity to attract our future into being.

5.8 WISDOM matures us in how we learn, act, relate, reciprocate, and evolve with life. We support our world with wisdom so we may become an Earth wise species.

Overview of the EARTHwise Companies 

  • EARTHwise Centre¬†is the beacon of the core values and stewardship of the EARTHwise ecosystem, which operates internationally to provide leadership, education, research, governance, and system design for regenerative economies, new paradigm politics, and responsible AGI development. EARTHwise Centre was established as a non-profit company in 2015, based out of Mauritius, and serves as the host and steward of the EARTHwise Constitution and EARTHwise Alliance for a Planetary Civilization, as well as publisher for the Future Humans Trilogy. The Centre has a strong commitment to indigenous wisdom, and a long-standing collaboration with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers from around the world. EARTHwise Centre propagates the principles of living systems and the science of wholeness through its online courses, training programs, and education.

  • EARTHwise Collaboratory¬†serves as the joint platform for the teams of EARTHwise Centre and EARTHwise Ventures to work together. The Collaboratory acts as the think-tank and decision-making body for the development of the Elowyn: Quest of Time game, partnering with gaming development partners, technology partners, and AI visionaries to add value to the game and ensure timely development and launch of the first version.
  • EARTHwise Innovations handles the token issuance, distribution, allocations, and stewardship of the EWA tokens. EARTHwise Innovations is based out of the Marshall Islands.¬†EARTHwise leverages Web3 GameFi mechanics to power the Elowyn: Quest of Time game, using EWA tokens as rewards for completing quests, partaking in virtual and real-world events, and voting on governance proposals.
  • EARTHwise Ventures is the technical arm of the EARTHwise ecosystem and hosts the EARTHwise Games Studio. It is responsible for the development of the Elowyn: Quest of Time game and AI capabilities. EARTHwise Ventures is¬†registered in Delaware, USA.
  • Elowyn DAO (meaning 'Decentralized Autonomous Organization‚Äô) is rooted in the fundamental principles of the EARTHwise community, where every community member gets a vote to decide the future direction of the Elowyn game. Elowyn DAO provides EWA token holders with the governance tools required for active participation in the DAO. It is registered in Marshall Islands.

International Awards

Through the work of our CEO, Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, EARTHwise Centre received the following awards:

  • Overall African winner in the¬† category "Human Development" of the¬†2022 Africa‚Äôs Most Respected CEOs Awards by The Business Executive in collaboration with the Economic Development Board Mauritius, and their technical partners the International Business Council Africa, African Chamber for Trade, African Union, and African Business Council. The award acknowledges CEOs' contributions to the attainment of SDGs by African States.
  • Winner of the BIZZ 2022 Awards, which is a business excellence award by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), for¬†consistently exceeding their evaluation criteria on Business Leadership, Quality of Products and Services, Management Systems, Innovation and Creativity, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Results Achieved.

The EARTHwise Logo

The EARTHwise logo represents the 5 Future Archetypes that encircle our planet (blue dot), which guide how we operationalize our future human potential of the emerging new era. To learn, read our EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization.


We extend our profound thanks and acknowledgment to all the amazing people and organizations who have contributed to EARTHwise over the years, including former team members, students, clients, our community members, and our partners and allies.

Join the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization
Collaborate with us through the EARTHwise Alliance

EARTHwise Advisors

We are grateful for the support and wise guidance of our Advisors

Dr. Jean Houston

World-renowned award-winning scholar, futurist, author, and researcher in human capacities, and social change. One of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. Winner of the Synergy Superstar Award 2020 by the Source of Synergy Foundation for her exemplary work, and the Visioneers Heroine Award in May 2022. Co-author with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman of the Future Humans Trilogy, 

Dr. Ben Goertzel

World-renowned AI Scientist, entrepreneur, and author.  Founder and CEO of SingularityNET, leading the OpenCog Foundation and AGI Society.  Chairs the futurist nonprofit Humanity+, and serves as Chief Scientist of AI firms Singularity Studio, Rejuve, SingularityDAO and Xccelerando Media of the SingularityNET ecosystem.  As Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, he led the software team behind the Sophia robot.

Dr. Trista Patterson

Director of Sustainability at Microsoft/Xbox. Co-founder of the UN Playing 4 the Planet Alliance. TIME Magazine: 100 Most Influential Business Leaders for Climate 2024. Most Influential Climate Leaders in Business 2023. Former Chief Economist at UNEP Partner Agency GRID-Arendal. 20 years of experience in policy & leadership on Sustainability and AI for Sustainability.

Dr. David Hanson

Founder of Hanson Robotics, and developer of the famous Sophia robot and other human-like robots as true living, caring machines. Worked as a Walt Disney Imagineer as sculptor and technical consultant. Featured in the New York Times, Popular Science, Scientific American, WIRED, BBC and CNN. He also received earned awards from NASA, NSF, Tech Titans’ Innovator of the Year, RISD, Coop.

Art Iinuma

Official designer of the EARTHwise tokenomics and the EWA token design. Serial-entrepreneur and technology and crypto consultant for some of the largest companies and fastest growing startups in the world. Published in CoinTelegraph, Medium and Forbes. Inventor of two U.S. blockchain patents. Investor in early-stage disruptive tech-companies with a demonstrable product in the marketplace and highly innovative potential. 

Peter Warren

Award-winning investigative journalist specializing in technology, undercover investigations and science issues. Former technology editor of Scotland on Sunday and the Sunday Express and an associate producer for BBC2, he has worked for both print and broadcast media, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Sunday Business, Channel 4, Sky News, the BBC and specialist magazines. 

Scott Brandon

Expert in building and researching complex organizational systems. Executive director at Lincoln Center, co-director of Litróf Consulting. Author of Imagination First. Featured in Rotman School Management, PBS, Harvard Business Review, and Ashoka. Helped start 12 schools and 5 non-profit/for-profit companies. Created the Imagination Conversations (IC) series of 60 civic dialogues with 8M+ views.

Lynne Twist

Global visionary leader committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger, empowering the status of women and girls, supporting social justice, and environmental sustainability. Deep understanding of global issues, people’s relationship with money, and the transformation of human consciousness

Paul Gorry

Veteran Video Game Development and former Chief Revenue Officer at CGHero for New Business Development and Growth Initiatives. Former Babel Media Director of Sales, and former Gaming and Entertainment Sales Director at Localsoft. Rich background in commercial strategy with keen focus on fostering community to empower artists and studios with opportunities that sharpen their skills and fuel their passion for gaming.

Steven Lovink

Dutch-American bridge builder, philanthropeneur, advisor, and writer. Co-founder and senior advisor of the Institute for Environmental Security in The Hague and  founder of Planet2025 Network and Power of One. Passionate about advancing whole system breakthrough initiatives to transform finance and grow true wealth. 

Kees van der Vleuten

Strategy Officer for a Dutch infrastructure company with a portfolio of ‚ā¨ 6 billion. Built his leadership career at Royal Philips Electronics, DHL/Van Ommeren-Intexo,¬† Avery Dennison and KCA Deutag GmbH. Former CPO & VP Procurement at Stork, Tennet TSO, and CSCO & SVP Supply Chain at Fokker Technologies. Expert in global business and digital transformation.

Dr. Stephen Aizenstat

Founder of Dream Tending, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and The Academy of Imaginal Arts and Sciences. World renowned Professor of Depth Psychology and imagination. Served as an organizational consultant to major companies, institutions, and Hollywood films. Chancellor Emeritus and Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has collaborated with many notable masters in the field including Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Marion Woodman and Robert Johnson.

Jon Ramer

Entrepreneur, civic leader, inventor, and musician. Architect of the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest. Co-founder of Ramer and Associates, ELF Technologies Inc., and Smart Channels. Former Executive Director of the Interra Project, co-founder of Ideal Network, and co-founder of Compassionate Action Network International.

Tom Murray

Director of Research, Innovation, and Partnerships at STAGES International, is Chief Visionary and Instigator at Open Way Solutions LLC, and Senior Research Fellow at the UMass School of Computer Science. Associate Editor for Integral Review journal, and is on the editorial review board of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education.

Stephen Dynako

Strategic innovator and seasoned professional with a background in finance, technology, media, and clinical counseling. Impact Partner with Raise Green, a crowdfunding platform for companies developing climate solutions. Former director of programming for Shift/Co, Advocate for eco-conscious businesses.

EARTHwise Stewards

We are grateful for our wonderful Stewards and their contributions to the EARTHwise Ecosystem

Alison Wooding

Alison Wooding¬†is a consultant, coach, conscious business pioneer and marketing communications specialist. Co-Founder of two businesses specialised in Systemic Intelligence. Loving disruptor of ‚Äėbusiness as usual‚Äô, supporting & co-creating Future Organisations. Committed to deploying marketing, development and communications skills in the service of life and living systems: serving the leaders, organisations and projects that are here to make a positive, conscious impact.

Laura George

Rev. Laura M. George, JD serves as Executive Director of The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity and spiritual think-tank that studies the nexus between religion, politics, human rights, and conscious evolution, headquartered at her Peace Pentagon offering progressive and pluralistic programs through its spirituality school, award-winning publishing house, and international peace practice. She received her B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, her J.D from Boston University, and her ordination through the interfaith Order of Melchizedek.

Sheri Herndon

Sheri Herndon is a futurist, educator, catalyst for transformation, social innovator, and embodied mystic. She is the founder and host of the Awakening Together Podcast, for entering into powerful conversations and containers for building the 21st century capacities for a planetary civilization. As a social innovator she directs her energy toward conscious leaders, projects, and initiatives that are moving us toward a thrivable future. 

Janice Hall

Janice Hall is President of Natural Network International (NNI). She is a social alchemist and synergistic culture and business ecosystem designer who thrives on connecting visionary change agents, paradigm shifters and indigenous leaders. Working  toward global peace, she has contributed pioneering efforts in media and international event development with the Natural Product Expos, the UN and numerous NGO’s. She is based in the United States.

Carmen Delia Ortiz

Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz, Ph.D, is a visionary leader promoting the world’s evolution through Ethical-Spiritual Entrepreneurship so that we can all Be more, Love more and Create more as One with the Universe.  She is a founder of the US Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce (1989), host of 3 live personal finance radio shows in Miami, Orlando and Puerto Rico (1993-2003),  creator and host of 3 online conscious business podcasts (2011-2020). She is a co-creator of the Ethical-Spiritual business model. 

Elisabeth Williams

Elisabeth Williams is the founder of AWE Partners, a social enterprise created from the belief that most non-profit organizations and social enterprises have important missions and caring individuals; however, their true impact varies greatly.  Lis is the Co-Creatrix of an on-line summit entitled Creatrix Convergence 2022: Re-Power Yourself, Your Sisters, Your World featuring interviews with over 30 extraordinary women making a powerful impact in the world. 

Dagmar Wolff

Dr. Dagmar Wolff, Ph.D., M.D. is a pianist, instrumental educator, physical therapist and medical doctor with over 20 years of interdisciplinary experience in the teaching and rehabilitation of musicians. She has acquired extensive skills in conventional and naturopathic healing contexts to further thrivability and creativity in one-to-one and group sessions as well as online course formats.

Hege Forbech Vinje

Dr. Hege Forbech Vinje, RN, CNS, Ph.D., is an educator, researcher, mentor, and coach. She was an associate professor at The University of South-East Norway, where she conducted research on Salutogenesis (GWG-SAL). In 2019 she left her academic career and founded The Forbech Vinje Academy to support people who are over-extending themselves to re-align with their authentic selves through evolutionary coherence.