Our Transformation Programs

Becoming the Future Humans of a THRIVING World

Our EARTHwise transformation programs include: in-person and online courses (live and on-demand), education programs for schools, personal and corporate trainings, workshops, quests, masterclasses, intensives, coaching and mentorship for groups and individuals, and psy-coaching combined with naturopathy.

Our transformation programs are designed to empower you and our world to thrive through complexity, and work with uncertainty for transformative opportunities. Through our programs you learn how to develop essential capacities, wisdom, systemic perspectives, higher consciousness states, vision, and transformational understanding for actualizing who we are called to become.

Our online course programs provide easy-access through a unique course portal for each program, with on-demand video and audio recordings, transformation practices, course resources, bonus videos, and inspirational publications from the new paradigm sciences.

Our value commitment is guaranteed through our refund policy. All course revenue goes directly to financing our EARTHwise activities and projects. As a non-profit we do not have any pay-out to shareholders. To learn more, please continue reading below. 

It is only when we start to see and understand who we are from a planetary perspective that we can resolve our greatest challenges, and grow into our future human potential

Our Online Courses

The Future Humans Quest
By Dr. Anneloes Smitsman & Dr. Kurt Barnes

The Future Humans Quest is our signature on-demand transformation program, facilitated by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Kurt Barnes. This on-demand course unfolds through 8 Modules for awakening the powers of your future human becoming with the help of 7 Cosmic Architect Tools. Based on Return of the Avatars, Book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston, which was endorsed by Deepak Chopra, M.D. as a book that is "prophetic."

The quest also comes with a unique bonus series: The Quest Conversations with Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Anne Baring, Dr. Anita Sanchez, Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Dr. Jim Garrison, and Dr. Alexander Laszlo.

The Catalyst Course
By Dr. Anneloes Smitsman & Dr. Jean Houston

The Catalyst Course by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston our foundational on-demand Future Humans course for working with the keys, science, and practices of The Quest of Rose, book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy. Major change and disruption are becoming the new normal. Through this course you’ll learn how to access and actualize your future human potentials in a conscious way. You’ll also learn how you can direct and transform your life, and our world, from higher orders of reality that are not bound up in all the chaos. The mystics, sages, magi, and alchemists have always known how to do this, and now you can too! 

The course weaves together profound new insights from the new paradigm sciences about the Cosmic architecture of life, consciousness, and the universe with ancient and future wisdoms.

The Leadership Quest
By Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

The Leadership Quest by Dr Anneloes Smitsman is our signature on-demand course for developing evolutionary leadership. It includes 14 Masterclasses in video and audio format, 7 Conscious Leadership Practices based on Anneloes's Leadership Alchemy Process, 7 meditations, exercises, handouts, a library of scientific publications on systems change, and 12 bonus videos with esteemed evolutionary leaders. This quest offers vital support for inner and outer transformation by learning how to consciously work with the transformative powers that become unleashed during a rite of passage and times of initiation and challenges. Weaving together cutting-edge scientific insights about systemic transformation (based on her Ph.D. research) with indigenous wisdom, and evolutionary praxis. 

The 5 Future Archetypes
By Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Transform your life with the patterns and capacities of the Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller - the 5 Future Archetypes for metamorphic transformation. You'll learn how during changes of major cycles, five essential archetypal codes or patterns emerge that we can learn to consciously work with for actualizing our future potential from higher orders of possibility. Especially now, as we're in the midst of a paradigm shift as the transition to a new emerging era in consciousness and human development. This on-demand course from 2019 includes 7 Modules, practices, and bonus recordings for learning how to work with the 5 Future Archetypes, plus a special bonus video from 2021 for working with these archetypes based on her book The Quest of Rose, co-authored with Dr. Jean Houston. 

Making your Personal Shield
By Dr. Kurt Barnes

BE the Future by making your personal protective Knight or Dame Shield to manifest who you truly are. This method and its transmissions are based on ancient Knight's Wisdom. Discover your innate powers and your Future Code through this  online on-demand Transformation Program through 5 Modules with Dr Kurt Barnes.


Trainings, Intensives & Workshops

We also develop and facilitate customized training programs, intensives and workshops for personal and professional development. Some of our feature trainings includes: corporate sustainability, ecological economics, ecological literacy development for schools, education for sustainability, systemic transformation, how to become an evolutionary learning organization, advocacy for climate change and thrivability, governance for regeneration and thriving, making complexity work, how to unlock and develop your potential, from stress to confidence, suicide prevention, crisis management, leadership for value creation, vision development, rites of passage ceremonies, the intersections between science and spirituality, and stewardship development for planetary leadership. For more information or to request a customized training or workshops for your organization or team, get in touch with us.


Our Coaching Programs

Psy-Coaching for Optimal Being
With Dr. Kurt Barnes

ThIs online & in-person Psy-Coaching Program is offered by Dr. Kurt Barnes based on his proven practices and techniques for personal and professional development, wellness optimisation, and relaxation. Learn how to achieve a state of calm and clarity during challenging times, and optimise your consciousness states for enhanced resourcefulness. 

Online Coaching Classes
With Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

The online group coaching classes with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman provide ongoing support for working with the content, keys, tools, practices, and science of The Quest of Rose and Return of the Avatars, book 1 and 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy. Individual coaching sessions with Anneloes are also available, on request.


Our Masterclass Collection

EARTHwise Masterclass Collection

From June 2019 to December 2020, we facilitated monthly online Masterclasses to support our members. The Masterclassses were facilitated by Dr Anneloes Smitsman, Dr Kurt Barnes, Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Kim Conrad, and Justine Page. We have made this collection of the Masterclass recordings available via our online library. You'll receive:

  • 23 Masterclass video recordings via our online library.
  • Bonus videos of interviews with esteemed evolutionary leaders.
  • Meditations recording for entering into higher consciousness states.
  • Wisdom resources for deepening your knowledge and capacities for transformational change.
  • Special Bonus Video with the first 3 Letters from Love Letters from Mother Earth - The Promise of a New Beginning, by Anneloes Smitsman.