EARTHwise Constitution


A Compass for co-creating Thrivable Worlds and Futures with the Wisdom of Living Systems


Imagine how different our human societies and cultures would be if we were to operate and relate as flourishing living systems. Contributing to the evolution of life, and the maturation of consciousness. Now let's go a step further, and explore how we can do this together… Starting right now!

The EARTHwise Constitution is one of our most ambitious initiatives and invitations¬†for addressing the root causes of our sustainability crisis. You can read the entire Constitution on this page, by scrolling down. It¬†opens with ‚ÄúOur Promise,‚ÄĚ rather than ‚ÄúOur Declaration,‚ÄĚ to affirm how we are the promise of a new beginning.

This Constitution has been designed as a Compass for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom and capacities of living systems. This Constitution also supports us in becoming the future humans of an emerging planetary civilization, as a collective pledge for the necessary actions for healing our divided worlds, and regenerating our Earth.

Every article in this Constitution is a coordinate on the Cosmic Compass, and serves as a possibility space that we can explore and bring to life.

The Constitution also serves as the architecture for the EARTHwise Game that is currently in creation to empower the younger generations for our worlds in transformation.

How you can work with this Constitution

There are many different ways for how you can work with this Constitution. Below are a few ideas to get you started…

‚úĒ As an evolutionary blueprint for inspiring the co-creation of new, as well as evolving existing constitutions and frameworks, in service of life.

‚úĒ¬†As an architectural¬†guide for inspiring the co-creation of the new systems, tools, technologies, and policies for thrivable worlds and futures.

‚úĒ¬†As an educational¬†guide for developing our evolutionary capacities as future humans of the emerging new era.

‚úĒ¬†As a new kind of social contract and personal Pledge for¬†aligning our commitments, creativity, and wisdom as future ancestors of an emerging planetary civilization.¬†

‚úĒ¬†As a Compass for creating your own personal Constitution, for your life and purpose; based on your foundational values, principles, and commitments.

‚úĒ As a creative and intentional affirmation for expressing in music, song, dance, art, ceremony, and movement your love for life and care for the Earth.

‚úĒ¬†To¬†put this further into application you can also work with the¬†EARTHwise Pledges for a Planetary Civilization via the button below. Those express the 16 Commitments from article 7 of the Constitution.¬†

To learn about the science behind it read this article. If any terms are not clear to you, check the glossary below Article 7. To read the full text of Articles 4 and 6, just click the golden > to the right of the text box. 

This Constitution has been co-created with full appreciation for, and in support of, the myriad of other constitutions, charters, codexes, and covenants that serve a similar purpose, including the 16 Indigenous Guiding Principles  by our partner Four Worlds International Institute. Furthermore, the Constitution fully supports, and aligns with, the Unitive Narrative that has been drafted by members of the SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, for supporting the conscious evolution of humanity.

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Scroll down on this page to read the Constitution online, which starts with "Our Promise."

Our Promise

We, as future ancestors of a planetary civilization, commit to co-creating thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom of living systems, in partnership with life and our Earth.

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Article 1 ~ Our Vision

We have become a planetary civilization and thriving communities of life, as wise, joyful and loving partners of our Earth.

Imagine yourself walking into the future world of a planetary civilization. The future of a wiser, more mature humanity. You are one of its ancestors. A world where children are happy and thriving, and our elders are cared for and honored. Our cultures are rooted in compassion. We act as responsible future ancestors in partnership with our Earth, and with care for the evolutionary process of life.

Our cities, villages, and communities are alive with the intelligence and wisdom of nature; providing thriving homes for all. We have learned how to honor and work with the life-giving capacities of our Earth, while caring for the multiple dimensions of life we share.

Our societies have become diverse and fertile gardens that serve as ecological niches of abundance that are overflowing with art, song, music, dance and joy. The Earth is thriving with healthy air, drinkable rivers, oceans that teem with life, fertile living-soil, and compassionate food for all. 

In this world, each person is living the exquisite genius of their personal and collective potentials, as we have become the future humans of a planetary civilization, as co-creators of thrivable worlds and futures in partnership with life. This is a world you helped to form as its future ancestor, born from the future potentials that we together brought to life.

Article 2 ~ Our Purpose

To steward and actualize the possibilities for thrivable worlds and futures, by co-creating the capacities, systems, governance, tools, and pathways for a planetary civilization.

Our Cosmic Compass

The illustration above represents our Cosmic Compass design for guiding how we can actualize our purpose and potentials with the cosmological architecture and evolutionary dynamics of living systems. The EARTHwise Constitution unfolds through the coordinates of the Cosmic Compass, which also features in the Future Humans Trilogy by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston. To learn more about the science behind this compass, read this article.

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Article 3 ~ Our Principles of Life

This Constitution serves as our compass for guiding how we actualize our purpose as co-creators of thrivable worlds and futures, based on three evolutionary principles of life.

3. 1 We acknowledge how our universe exists and evolves as a single unified entity, an undividable wholeness. 

This evolutionary principle helps us understand life as a unified reality, whereby energy-matter and space-time are complementary informational expressions of consciousness.

3.2 We acknowledge how our universe evolves coherently and through increasing embodied complexity, making life possible precisely because of the relational dynamics it embodies and fosters. 

This evolutionary principle shows us how to embody complexity and foster evolutionarily coherence in ‘right relationship’ with life and each other.

3.3 We acknowledge how our universe actualizes its cosmological potentials by creating the systemic conditions for deepening self aware consciousness, and the capacities for exploring and actualizing our potential.

This evolutionary principle reminds us how to develop our capacities as a self actualizing process of consciousness, through autonomy and balance, and by honoring the systemic conditions that enable this.

Article 4  ~ Our Operating Systems

Our Operating Systems are based on five future archetypes for actualizing our future human potentials. We have named these archetypes the Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Patterns Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller, to support the metamorphic transformations for becoming a planetary civilization.

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Article 5 ~ Our Values

These are our eight core stewardship values for how we grow, develop, and evolve our capacities and consciousness, and commit to co-creating thrivable worlds and futures.

5.1 ORIGINALITY ignites our creativity from our direct connection with the source wisdom of life. We honor how we are each an original expression of consciousness.

5.2 INSPIRATION expands our creativity as attractors of our future human becoming. We apply our inspiration to ignite our passion for the greater possibilities that call us forth.

5.3 COURAGE empowers us as stewards for a planetary civilization, and co-creators of thrivable worlds and futures. We apply our courage with compassion and gentle strength.

5.4 TRUST connects us to the collective heart of our humanity and the inherent essence of who we are. We give trust to the Cosmos and our Earth for guiding and supporting us.

5.5 LOVE sustains us with the strength, vision, and understanding for how to co-create thrivable worlds and futures. We invest in our quality of life with the power of love.

5.6 COMMITMENT prioritizes our actions and decisions for thrivable worlds and futures. We apply our commitment as a future ancestor of a planetary civilization.

5.7 CREATIVITY inspires how we approach challenges and opportunities, and grow our future human capacities. We apply our creativity to attract our future into being.

5.8 WISDOM matures us in how we learn, act, relate, reciprocate, and evolve with life. We support our world with wisdom so we may become an Earth wise species.

Article 6~ Our Living Systems Protocols

These are our thirteen Living Systems Protocols for how we design, architect, and co-create the systems, governance, tools, technologies, capacities, and cultures for thrivable worlds and futures, and act as stewards for a planetary civilization.

Article 7 ~ Our Commitments

These are our sixteen commitments, which serve as our personal and collective pledges, as a quest, for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures, and becoming the future humans of a planetary civilization.

#Play4Earth with the 16 EARTHwise Pledges

Answering the Call of our Future Human Potential

We commit to: 

7.1 Answering the call of our future human potential of the emerging new era; 

7.2 Applying our potential for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures; 

7.3 Investing in our thrivability and the maturation of human consciousness;

7.4 Contributing our talents, passion, love, and wisdom for the necessary actions.

Stewarding for Thrivability

We commit to:  

7.5 Applying this constitution as our compass for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures.

7.6 Architecting with the wisdom of living systems for our collective thrivability;  

7.7 Evolving our systems, tools, and policies in service of life;

7.8 Acting as a steward for becoming the future humans of a planetary civilization.

Upgrading how We Play the Game of Life

We commit to: 

7.9 Partnering with our Earth to upgrade how we play the game of life;

7.10 Stopping the games and gains of domination, separation, and division;

7.11 Acting as allies of life for the necessary changes and transformations;

7.12 Celebrating our transition moments and evolutionary growth.

Becoming the New Worlds

We commit to: 

7.13 Opting out of systems, practices, and cultures that cause harm and division;

7.14 Opting into systems and ways that heal and regenerate our worlds and planet; 

7.15 Purposefully creating thrivable communities and generative ecosystems; 

7.16 Becoming the worlds and futures we wish to live in and experience.

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Meet Who is Involved...

Stewards of the EARTHwise Constitution

Anneloes Smitsman

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., LLM, is a futurist, systems scientist, award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change, and award-winning bestselling author. She is the architect and initiator of the EARTHwise Constitution and the EARTHwise Pledges and Game for a Planetary Civilization. She is the Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. Co-author of the Future Humans Trilogy.

Kurt Barnes

Dr. Kurt Barnes, ND, DEA, is a co-founder and Chair of EARTHwise Centre. He is a senior psy-coach and psycho-social expert with extensive expertise in working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. He is also a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialisation in psychology, psychotherapy, and biofeedback. 

Anita Sanchez

Dr Anita Sanchez,¬†Ph.D., Nahua (Aztec) and Mexican American, is a consultant, trainer, speaker to Fortune 500 companies, education and non-profit organizations.¬† She is a Board member of the Pachamama Alliance and Bioneers, and¬†author of the award-winning book,¬†The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.¬†She was awarded the¬†2022 Mogul‚Äôs Top 100 DEI Leaders, and 2020 ‚ÄúWoman of the Hour‚ÄĚ #SheisMyHero campaign.¬†

Alexander Laszlo

Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D. is a co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre, President of the Board of Directors of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS), Director of Research at the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (LINPR), Co-Founder and Global Collaborator of Global Education Futures (GEF), and Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Social Systems Foundation (SSF LLC.). 

Steven Lovink

Steven Lovink is a Dutch-American visionary, bridge builder, philanthropeneur, advisor, and writer. He is co-founder and senior advisor of the Institute for Environmental Security in The Hague and a founder of Planet2025 Network and Power of One. His passion is to advance whole system breakthrough initiatives to transform finance and grow true wealth. His co-authored book, Imagining Philanthropy for Life offers pathways to breathe new life into the quality, quantity and design of our philanthropy, profit-sharing, and investments. 

Justine Page

Justine Page is a co-founder of EARTHwise Centre, and a consultant, coach, facilitator, and public speaker with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience in marketing, branding and personal development. Her passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside-out. She is a former executive at one of the world leading advertising and marketing company in New York.

Sheri Herndon

Sheri Herndon is a futurist, educator, catalyst for transformation, social innovator, and embodied mystic. She is the founder and host of the Awakening Together Podcast, for entering into powerful conversations and containers for building the 21st century capacities for a planetary civilization. As a social innovator she directs her energy toward conscious leaders, projects, and initiatives that are moving us toward a thrivable future. 

Dagmar Wolff

Dr. Dagmar Wolff, Ph.D., M.D. is a pianist, instrumental educator, physical therapist and medical doctor with over 20 years of interdisciplinary experience in the teaching and rehabilitation of musicians. She has acquired extensive skills in conventional and naturopathic healing contexts to further thrivability and creativity in one-to-one and group sessions as well as online course formats.

Laura George

Rev. Laura M. George, JD serves as Executive Director of The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3)
educational charity and spiritual think-tank that studies the nexus between religion, politics,
human rights, and conscious evolution, headquartered at her Peace Pentagon offering
progressive and pluralistic programs through its spirituality school, award-winning publishing house, and international peace practice. She received her B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia, her J.D from Boston University, and her ordination through the interfaith Order of Melchizedek.

Janice Hall

Janice Hall is President of Natural Network International (NNI). She is a social alchemist and synergistic culture and business ecosystem designer who thrives on connecting visionary change agents, paradigm shifters and indigenous leaders. Working  toward global peace, she has contributed pioneering efforts in media and international event development with the Natural Product Expos, the UN and numerous NGO’s. She is based in the United States.

Arabella Tha√Įs

Arabella Tha√Įs¬†is a writer, public speaker, philosopher, and artist,¬†and embarked on a Ph.D. in cosmology and consciousness. Committed to the evolution of humanity, her work explores the intersection of poetry, mathematics, beauty, and time, which she teaches at her online school of consciousness, The Temple. She uses various aesthetic mediums‚ÄĒsuch as music, film, and experience design‚ÄĒ¬†in order to communicate ideas¬†that propel human transformation. She is involved in various non-profit enterprises, especially those that focus on female healing, education, and empowerment.

Carmen Delia Ortiz 

Dr. Carmen Delia Ortiz, Ph.D, is a visionary leader promoting the world’s evolution through Ethical-Spiritual Entrepreneurship so that we can all Be more, Love more and Create more as One with the Universe.  She is a founder of the US Hispanic Women Chamber of Commerce (1989), host of 3 live personal finance radio shows in Miami, Orlando and Puerto Rico (1993-2003),  creator and host of 3 online conscious business podcasts (2011-2020). She is a co-creator of the Ethical-Spiritual business model. 

Elisabeth Williams

Elisabeth Williams is the founder of AWE Partners, a social enterprise created from the belief that most non-profit organizations and social enterprises have important missions and caring individuals; however, their true impact varies greatly.  Lis knows that solutions exist, but it is up to us to identify those soul-utions and support them with our time, talent, and treasure. Lis is the Co-Creatrix of an on-line summit entitled Creatrix Convergence 2022: Re-Power Yourself, Your Sisters, Your World featuring interviews with over 30 extraordinary women making a powerful impact in the world. 

Hege Forbech Vinje

Dr. Hege Forbech Vinje, RN, CNS, Ph.D., is an educator, researcher, mentor, and coach. She was an associate professor at The University of South-East Norway, where she conducted research on Salutogenesis (GWG-SAL). In 2019 she left her academic career and founded The Forbech Vinje Academy to support people who are over-extending themselves to re-align with their authentic selves through evolutionary coherence. 

With support and endorsements from

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Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Principal founder of the Human Potential Movement
Co-Author, Future Humans Trilogy

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

Renowned Systems Scientist & Philosopher
Nominee, Nobel Peace Prize

Anne Baring, Ph.D.

Renowned Scholar & Pioneer of the Divine Feminine
Author, The Dream of the Cosmos

Lynne McTaggart

Renowned Pioneer of the New Science & Consciousness
Author, The Power of Eight

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

Renowned Pioneer of Depth Psychology
Founder, DreamTending & Pacifica Graduate Institute

Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Renowned Futurist & Cosmologist
Author, The Cosmic Hologram & The Story of Gaia

 Tomas Björkman

Full Member Club of Rome
Founder, Ekskäret Foundation 

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Global Leader for Indigenous Civilizations
Enrolled member of the Yankton Dakota & Chickasaw First Nations