How the 5 Future Archetypes offered me ancestral transmutation & healing, using the healing power of Water

I am water

Sometimes can always depend on

Sometimes liquid...fits in anywhere

Sometimes vapor...ephemeral...I am there and then I am gone

Sometimes ice...but can be dissolved by fire

Sometimes swirling....with passion

Sometimes tranquil....with still desire

Always flowing....unaware of the destination

Sometimes blue sapphire

Always pure....see your reflection

Always rising...wanting to go higher”

-Renu Rakheja


In 2013, I decided to create a business model based on the human five senses- Taste. Touch. Sight. Smell. Sound. This business, I decided, would take the consumer or beneficiary on a journey through these senses which would inevitably culminate at the heart centre. To me, it is “natural” that our senses when integrated through prescence and multi-sensory awareness, lead us directly to the “heart” of feeling. And so it went. I created a brand and range of indigenous health and wellness products utilising African herbs, oils, pressed leaf juices, grains for food and desert salt pans salts, cured by the sun. And a podcast!

 Today, all five senses have been touched. All products reflect a distinct line of contact to a distinct physical sense. But until recently, the momentum created and sustained within my brand, product range and its values, had become stagnant. While sales and customer engagement continued, I could feel and sense a definitive drag in the system. A systemic change was needed; in myself and as a self-reflection, in my business.

There are times in my life which have left me feeling at a loss. Stuck. Uninspired and insecure. It’s during these times, I’ve noticed a certain fear powering my life, rather than a sense of power emanating from the centre of my life.  In August, I was chatting with a friend about feeling myself in the midst of one such time. My daughter had just left home for her first year at University, leaving our family dynamic forever changed. Along with a few other personal family issues and professional entanglements, I felt stuck. Weighted. Afraid to move for fear of making the wrong move. In that same week, I received an invitation to join an online course taking shape, to explore 5 Future Archetypes, with Anneloes Smitsman. 

 Ordinarily, I would have ignored this invitation and especially so, when feeling “stuck” in my life in more ways than one. I would have typically judged any attention paid to such an invitation as irresponsible on my part and a needless distraction.  But this “felt” different. 5 Future Archetypes, with Anneloes Smitsman attracted my attention at the solar plexus level. Within the chakra system, the Solar Plexus chakra located just beneath the heart and at the centre of the lower rib cage, reflects a sense of connection to oneself.  When we are deeply connected to ourselves and our solar plexus chakra is radiating brightly, choice and intention easily become manifested. Turning inaction into action and supporting our ability to make wise, correct decisions in our lives. I felt this offer. Tangibly. I felt an urgent push and pull sensation at the same time.  This was a sensation I’ve felt only a few times before that one. And at each other occasion, I found a transformative result appear in my life on all levels. I’ve come to know this as a feeling from my ancestral self; Past. Present and future.

Making a choice to join a virtual gathering of deeply intuitive and globally-focused individuals, is a leap into an unknown universe of its own accord. But when doing so expressly to consider, understand and then to integrate archetypes which one may not see in the world around themselves as yet, is mind-blowing.  I could riff from here about the quantum field which Anneloes makes manifest within the group, given her clearly articulate and visionary presentation of the archetypes as well as the transmutational effect, which can be tangibly felt on a weekly basis as a result of the container and the exchange with others within the group.  But, I won’t. I’ll leave that for you to discover, upon applying and participating in an upcoming course, for yourself. No spoilers beyond now. But, what I would like to share, is how easily understood and integrated the 5 Future Archetypes can be and to share further, as to how these archetypes and particularly the “New Paradigm Storyteller”, has helped to unlock my sense of feeling stuck.  It has provided just the torque needed to more consciously power my five senses awareness, reigniting a solar plexus fire in me that is lighting a path that I hadn’t seen in August when all this began.

At the outset of my developing an integrated five senses-based system of products, services and sound around African indigenous health and wellness, I knew the nexus of my brand-storytelling to be my personal core message; heart-centred self awareness and self-acceptance.  This to me, is the essential ingredient to all that fosters and helps to maintain a strong sense of health and well-being. Unfortunately still, for many of us the ancestral stories that we are both consciously and unconsciously aware of, can hinder our ability to achieve this heart-centeredness. And for me, the 5 Future Archetypes provided a successful transmutation of limiting beliefs and motivations which have come from my lineage and its story-telling. 

Uniquely, this occurred as a material result of the integration of all five of the Future Archetypes – The Wholeness Coder. Pattern Weaver. Evolutionary Catalyst. Future Creative and New Paradigm Storyteller.  This transmutation created an openness, trust and courage which in its expanded state has left me with a clear pathway as to how to “rewrite” those stories within myself and within my lineage. This is the quantum effect of the process; a jumping timelines of sorts, within one’s ancestry.  Consciously. A recent example of this “rewriting” was experienced just before the Solstice period, 2019. 

For a long time now, I’ve had a vivid memory of having drowned or experience of someone within my lineage, having drowned by falling from a boat while at sea.  Recently, while out on a catamaran off the coast of Cape Town, enjoying the Festive Season day out at sea, I began feeling nauseous. Again, at the Solar Plexus chakra.  Understanding the ancestral connection that my lineage has to water, I chose to pay close attention, allow and embody the feelings completely. Immediately, this memory resurfaced and lingered for more than an hour.  At some point a bit later, others on the boat exclaimed with sounds of panicked concern. The boat engines shut off immediately. Deck hands ran. Life jackets were grabbed. Man overboard. I appreciated immediately, that I’d had a precognition and prescience of the unfolding event and emergency. 

Thankfully, the woman who’d fallen overboard and more than five meters landing  in the sea, was rescued and brought back aboard. She looked enough like me, to have been a family member. When the deck hand passed me, holding her limp and unconscious body, my body relaxed completely.  Curiously, although I assumed she was dead, all tension and sense of anxiety left my solar plexus. Grateful to discover that she was actually alive, it later came to me quite clearly that this had been an experience of parallel timelines crossing in present-time, allowing me (and perhaps others), to rewrite personal family trauma, by way of immediate felt, seen, smelled, heard and tasted experience.

In light of  quantum field theory, there are many possible “explanations” for my sensual experience of this event. And as any event within any timeline horizon is both dislocated and local simultaneously, it is entirely possible to conclude that my physical experience of the event prior to its physical manifestation in front of me, having been both of my creation and participation on behalf of something, someone and/or somewhere else within the same event horizon.  In other words, we are our ancestral storylines. They arise before us, alongside us, after us, coincidentally or, at the same time. And within the integrated field of the 5 Future Archetypes, the opportunity for conscious transmutation and/or healing toward enlightened and heart-centered participatory evolution is real. It produces an evolutionary quickening which can be felt throughout our physical five senses and beyond; etheric, emotional, mental bodies included.

I’m grateful to have had the experience shared with Anneloes and a group of 30 other Evolutionary Catalysts. The time is now, for those of us who work to become the change we see in the world, to bring that change, into real-time manifested reality.  If not you, then who? If not now, then when…?

By Yolanda Busbee Methvin is a Humanist.
A Social Entrepreneur, Founder of LithaFlora African Botanicals,
Based in Cape Town, South Africa



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