Our Opportunity to become Thrivable Together

thrivability Sep 05, 2019

What would it be like to live in a Thrivability Civilisation? How does it feel to imagine into that? What would it look like, feel like, smell like, sound like, be like, to be living in an environment where Thrivability is the cultural norm and the entire structure of the civilization is created to facilitate, support and enhance Thrivability for all who live within this civilisation?

Within our EARTHwise team, we are living into what this possibility would be like within our organization, so we can learn, grow, develop and evolve ourselves and our organization into a place where we all can Thrive.  We believe that if this is what we want for our larger world, we should start first with our own local culture.  

Nicola and I have known and collaborated with each other for the last 5 years before we joined EARTHwise. We often express to one another the incredible Joy we feel in having found within EARTHwise, a place where we feel as though “We have found our Swans”. A place where we actually Belong in a way we have longed for our entire lives. I shared with her how I can hardly put into words how immensely life-changing it has been to engage within a community where the very things that previously hindered my belonging are actually those that are most valuable within EARTHwise. 

In the Q&A after Anneloes’s pre-course Webinar on BECOMING FUTURE CREATIVE, I shared how for me, it’s as though throughout my life I have felt like an anachronism, in that I felt out of sync with how and what the culture was telling me I was supposed to be and do. Even though at different times in my life I have been involved in certain relationships and organizations in which I experienced a certain level of belonging, it wasn’t until I met Anneloes and began experiencing more fully within my whole being how and what EARTHwise is committed to birthing into the world, that I felt a sense of alignment and coherence that I had not experienced so fully before. This has only increased and expanded over this past year as I have engaged and collaborated more fully with EARTHwise in different endeavors.

What I realized, as Anneloes started sharing her research about the 5 Future Archetypes of a  Thrivability Civilisation, is that the reason I felt like an anachronism for most of my life is because I have always lived from the Future. Without this context, of course I didn’t fit in. What a relief it is to understand this now!  For, where I so often felt something was wrong with me, I now know with 100% certainty that the deeper truth is that I just needed to “Find my Swans” and be in a community of FUTURE CREATIVES where I truly belong.

Within the EARTHwise community, I feel an uplift under my wings from within the larger community who are listening into and heeding this call in their own lives, by gathering together with those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and who know in their heart of hearts that THIS is the time.

We each are being called to join together at this critical moment in time to create the future we know is possible. I loved the elegant picture that Anneloes recently described of how the imaginal discs of the butterfly within the dying caterpillar body, are called by their future becoming, to join together in creating the very body for the future butterfly. This is such a powerful picture of how each of us, like the discs, are being called to join together to create this future ‘body’ of community and civilisation in which we all can live and thrive together.


This is why Nicola and I, with Anneloes’s support, have felt called to create these Evolutionary Learning Circles within the EARTHwise Membership Community, as a place where those of us who feel called can deepen our understanding of the EARTHwise teachings. A place where we as a community can come together to get to know one another more fully as we learn, grow, and develop within the rich fertile field of generative and collaborative conversations, initiatives, and projects.  

Our intention is for the Evolutionary Learning Circles to provide a safe place within the rich field of our EARTHwise Community where we each can explore what it is we individually and collectively are being called to create, contribute and collaborate on - in bringing a Thrivability Civilisation forth together. Here we can practice the new skills and ways of being together that are essential for creating thrivability within our community. 

The first Evolutionary Learning Circle took place on Thursday August 22, 2019. In our first circle, we explored more deeply what Coherence is, how we can each access this state and how we know when we are in it. We also explored how we each can source our unique gifts of Leadership by living from a more fully coherent expression of who we each uniquely are. What a rich exploration we had, for our first Evolutionary Learning Circle. 

The September Masterclass with Anneloes and Alexander Laszlo was a profound and enlightening teaching and conversation around what it means to become a conscious parent, of our future waiting to be born, as well as of our children. In our next Evolutionary Learning Circle on Thursday, September 19th at 10:30 am PDT, we will dive more deeply into this conversation and ways we can grow, develop and practice conscious parenting together.

I shared a little story in this Masterclass about what conscious parenting is. My grandmother did this for me in how she listened so fully while trusting I had an innate wisdom and wholeness within me from which I could source and discover what I needed. In this, she held space for me to grow and develop in ways that made all the difference

A big part of conscious parenting for me is seeing my daughter (and all children) as unique expressions of the Divine and meeting her with curiosity and wonder, witnessing her with a quiet mind and open heart. Asking generative questions, listening, mirroring and engaging in generative conversations. Respect”, is what Nicola shared. 

We look forward to growing, learning and evolving together within our EARTHwise Community with YOU!

Authors: Meredith Lowry and Nicola Hoffman - Founding members of the EARTHwise Evolutionary Learning Community. 


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