What is your Vision for Our Future?

Have you ever been told that, "you are too optimistic, you don't know the real world, you are a dreamer with nice ideas but the world is just not like that"? I have heard this probably since I was a little girl. Did it stop me from doing what I passionately believe in? NO. If anything, it made me even more creative and determined to give LIFE A CHANCE and to trust the Visions I was shown since I was a little girl.  


TO GIVE LIFE A CHANCE may seem rather vague, or big. And yet this to me is very concrete and at the heart of our current societal problems, our growing climate change crisis, our planetary ecosystemic collapse, our growing divisions, and the rise of movements that say NO and NO MORE.

When we invoke Life at the centre of our thinking, feeling, and acting. When we truly open our hearts and minds to the wisdom of how Life wants to THRIVE. When we become aware that WE ARE LIFE, it changes our focus, priorities and sense of reality, and with this our sense of what is possible. 


For many people the world right now no longer makes sense. How do we reconcile the truth about the extent of the destruction we have caused and are causing, with our model of progress and the belief in a better life? How do we explain to our children that we knew, yet were not able or willing to stop it?

My son of 11 years of age, asked me recently; mama why are we creating things we cannot stop? If we cannot stop climate change and global warming, then why did we do all these things that started it? What do I tell him? The same questions have been in my heart for nearly two decades now, and also the following questions; why are we not able or willing to create societal systems that are based on the intelligence of Life and support us all to thrive? Why do we make short term financial profit based on an old incomplete growth model so much more important than a healthy planet and a peaceful society? Are we trapped, addicted, and in denial of the situation in which we are, and if yes, how do we get out of this? 


Oracle of Delphi, sacred Temple

In the beginning of October, we will travel to Delphi, Greece. Delphi was long honoured as the ancient place of the Oracle, to receive the messages from and for the Future. The Temple of Delphi was originally dedicated to honour the Earth Goddess, Gaia. Delphi was also called Pytho, after the word Python, the great serpent which was said to be a Guardian for the Shrine of Gaia. Some same that Python was the son of Gaia (see the Rosicrucian Digest, 2008). 

The Serpent is an important symbol in many of the Mystery Schools and Indigenous Traditions.  As a symbol for the primordial creative power, our Cosmic DNA, and the circularity of time, the Serpent is honoured as a Guardian at my sacred sites. For the ancient Greeks, women often held an important role as seers, mystics and prophets. The Pythia priestesses at Delphi were consulted for their ability to speak for and from the Future. 

On the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was inscribed “Know Thyself”.  Some say that the seven sages of ancient Greece, who laid the foundation for Western culture, inscribed this instruction “Know Thyself” to guard the entrance to the Oracle.  Furthermore, Delphi was revered throughout ancient Greece as the site that represented the navel of the Universe, symbolised in the omphalos - a sacred stone for direct communication with the Gods. The omphalos is a similar concept as the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in the Adamic Traditions.

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi was also said to house the Eternal Flame.  By connecting with this Eternal Flame for lightening our dreams, intentions, and actions, we become the living embodiment of the Vision of the Eternal. And yet, how many people today connect with this Eternal Flame to receive a clear Vision for their life and our Future

We are deeply honoured to have been invited to join the NOW Assembly at Delphi together with 100 outstanding people from around the world:

"The NOW Assembly - Nature Of Wonders is an international gathering of scientists, cultural figures and social practitioners, simultaneously presenting a unified, coherent picture of the world drawn from the most striking scientific breakthroughs and important cultural trends of recent years. Together they transform the system of ideas about the world and humans’ place in it and can possibly lead the humankind out of the civilizational impasse." Source

During this auspicious time of our human re-storying, we are looking forward to spending time at these sacred foundations in honouring those who stood before us with similar questions as we do today: what can we learn from our Future? I will share with you our experience and the stories that emerge from this future journey, when we return from the Now Assembly in Delphi through my next article in the EARTHwise Story room. 


Within our global ecological crisis is an invitation to become future creative, innovative, wise, and unconventional. An invitation to explore how together we can co-create a Thrivability Civilisation from within the world that is dying and collapsing. The metamorphosis story of the butterfly told so beautifully by evolution biologist Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, shows how the imaginal disks of the butterfly are dormant in the skin of the caterpillar until the caterpillar is collapsing from overeating itself to death. Not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly. For this metamorphosis to succeed, the imaginal disks need to activate and link-up to form imaginal cells that create the butterfly body.

This is a process of deep co-creation and collaboration. Our current society is very much like that caterpillar, and yet our future self is like the butterfly DNA that has been within the caterpillar’s body since its beginning. The DNA of the caterpillar and the butterfly are different, and yet they are one species. It is only through collaboration, by linking-up and connecting co-creatively, that we can access our butterfly possibility. My upcoming course "The 5 Future Archetypes" helps us to become the butterfly people for a new civilization that is founded from our Unity with Life. You can learn more about this through my interview with Dr Elisabet Sahtouris here below, which formed part of my PhD research. 

As part of our exploration of the emerging New Paradigm and whole Worldview, it is essential that we also explore and give birth to a new thrivability growth model based on the fundamental principles and dynamics of Life. It is only then that we can access our potential for becoming a Thrivability Civilisation.

A Thrivability Civilisation goes much further than mere sustainability and safeguarding our planetary boundaries. It employs a thrivability growth model based on the growth patterns and infodynamics of living systems as thrivability systems. Whereas growth is often associated in a quantitative manner to indicate a change process that leads to an increase in size or quantity, it is precisely the qualitative aspects of growth that have become lost in our dominant extractive socio-economic systems.

Through my PhD dissertation, I have been exploring this transition period and summarised in 7 Steps how we could start to develop the processes and foundations for guiding our society to transition to a Thrivability Civilisation

  1. Diagnose the presence and impact of systemic thrivability barriers that are generated by our mechanistic societal systems, with new indicators for societal success and progress.
  2. Address and transform the systemic thrivability barriers of our mainstream societal systems with targeted transformation strategies.
  3. Develop Future Creative and Future Fit ecosystemic capacity through an evolutionary learning process and Thrivability Bildung* Strategies that are embedded within Evolutionary Learning Communities and Evolutionary Learning Ecosystems.
  4. Enact and embody the Future Archetypes of a Thrivability Civilisation and implement thrivability growth patterns and algorhithms of Life into the design processes and operating systems for our human societal development. 
  5. Develop & Implement a Thrivability Growth System to support generative growth patterns to inform, guide and drive our societal development.
  6. Develop & Implement Thrivability Leadership and Governance systems that are inclusive of Indigenous wisdom and practice.
  7. Generate collective glocal enactment for the full transformation of our societal systems.

These 7 Steps are graphically presented here below, and are explained in greater details through the following presentation, CLICK HERE


Through my recent interview with Anita Morrow, Founder of "1 Million Meditators" we explored what can happen when we shift our focus to accessing our future possibilities, to become Future Creative. The video below was watched on Facebook by more than 7000 people and created many beautiful ripples. 

I would like to complete this article by asking you - what is your Vision for our Future?

My Vision of our Future is that there is a beautiful future waiting to be born through us, and we are its possibility. This future emerges from the actualisation of our greatest evolutionary potential. We become pregnant of this future possibility when we trust in being birthed by this future from the Cosmic womb of Life. 

Thank you for being this possibility for all of us! 

Author: Anneloes Smitsman, Founder & CEO EARTHwise Centre


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