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Grow your Life and Consciousness with the Archetypes of the New Era


Actualize your Future Human Potential with the 5 Future Archetypes

Personal Message from Anneloes

Have you ever wondered why the deeper societal transformations are not happening in the ways required? Is it just because of investments in the status quo, or is something else at play? What is behind our sustainability crisis, and all the divisions in our world? As you'll discover through this course, archetypes play a major role in how things manifest in life. 

Many people know of archetypes as psychic structures for our personalities and the ways we develop psychologically. Or if you know of archetypes through systems sciences (like me), you'll know that archetypes are the structural connections of a system that influence the patterns and behaviors of a system. Archetypes are deeper implicate structures for how things grow, develop, and evolve. Archetypes are real, and yet so often overlooked. 

Through this course I'll share with you about my own discoveries of five essential archetypal codes or patterns that emerge during changes of major cycles. Like when there is a paradigm shift or a change in era. In my doctoral research Into the Heart of Systems Change I named these archetypes "The 5 Future Archetypes" and gave them the following names to help us access these archetypal capacities for developing our future potentials of the emerging new era: The Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller.

I facilitated this course for the first time in October-November 2019, which are the recordings that are included in this course. My work with the 5 Future Archetypes has expanded since then. Yet, this foundational course remains essential for starting the journey with the 5 Future Archetypes. I've also written in-depth about these archetypes for our future actualization through my book The Quest of Rose, book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy which I've co-authored with my dear friend Dr. Jean Houston. I highly recommend that you work with this book for an in-depth understanding of these archetypes and how to catalyze the metamorphic transformation of our future becoming. 

Based on numerous request for more training on the 5 Future Archetypes, I will facilitate another live course towards the end of 2022. Until that time, however, I am offering this on-demand course from 2019 for a reduced rate to give you an introductory start into this amazing journey of discovery with these 5 Future Archetypes. I have also added as a special bonus my recent teaching on working with the 5 Future Archetypes from the November 2021 Future Humans group coaching session. As such making sure you're all up to date!

To our Future! With love,



Based on foundational systemic solutions from Anneloes's PhD research: Into the Heart of Systems ChangeThe 5 Future Archetypes, empower us to become the future humans of a new cycle of consciousness. By working with these Future Archetypes we learn to effectively shift our consciousness to our future human potentials from the emerging new era. Catalyzing our evolutionary jump into our future becoming. 

These Archetype Codes are awakening in many, similar to the metamorphic process of the butterfly when the imaginal cells of the butterfly activate within the skin of the dying caterpillar to transform it into becoming a butterfly. These Codes give rise to new consciousness states and competencies that empower us to co-create our world from the future of our evolutionary development in consciousness.

This major paradigm shift in consciousness has also been called the awakening as a Universal or Cosmic Human. In Indigenous Cultures this Vision has long been described as the Vision of the Fourth Way for a United Humanity and a Spiritual Spring Time.  Indigenous Wisdom also reminds us that our human evolution unfolds in cycles and that in the transition between two major cycles, when old forms and systems are dying, that new Archetype dynamics activate and emerge.  

Through this course you'll receive:

  • Essential support in developing your evolutionary capacities for thriving through complexity and uncertainty, and for actualizing your future human potential of the new era with the help of the 5 Future Archetypes.
  • Practices and exercises that you can apply in your life for integrating these archetypal activations.

How is this course different from other Archetype courses?

  • The combination of deep transformational power and practical methods, linked to the urgency of our time.
  • The Future Archetypes represent specific consciousness states of the emerging new era, and not the former old paradigm states that have to be released in order to make the evolutionary jump into this new cycle.
  • The Archetype Codes of this course are not the same as the archetypes of the collective unconscious as described by Carl Jung, or the mythic archetypes of human heroes and heroines. The codes of the 5 Future Archetypes work as an integrated system for our deepest metamorphic transformation, personally and collectively. 
  • The 5 Future Archetypes help us access an emerging reality that is only just beginning to manifest on our planet. 
  • The 5 Future Archetypes empower us to crack the codes of dualistic thinking, and returns our consciousness to Universal Life Principles.

Here is what other students have said about this course with Anneloes... 

"I see the 5 Future Archetypes as a force guiding us forth. The Archetypes collaborate together. Each one of us has a unique blend of these Archetypes, which are awaking through us.  Ever since I heard Anneloes’ teachings on the 5 Future Archetypes, and was able to connect with and be conscious of which Archetypes are awakening in me, I bring them forth in all my work. As a pattern weaver and a storyteller, I am able to show others how these are awakening in their organizations too. " ~ Justine Page, transformational coach and Founder of The Essence Effect

Gaining clarity with the 5 Future Archetypes has given me greater insight into myself, my skills, my gifts and how to utilize them with greater agility, integrated success and joy. I have been gifted with bringing new results into being and this has just brought this and other skills of mine to new levels.  It is a great joy to be welcomed, appreciated and valued as I continually optimize who I am and what I can contribute to this world in collaboration with the EARTHwise Centre Community.” ~ Kim Conrad, award winning author, speaker, evolutionary leader

"As a physician, after learning how to use the 5 Future Archetypes, I am now more clearly seeing the type of systemic support a specific patient might need, and am able to more fully engage them in changing their behavior by teaching them how to live into their desired future, and then they can more easily make the behavioral changes to create a different future result." ~ Dr Meredith Lowry, physician, transformational coach and facilitator


Here is what esteemed evolutionary leaders say about Anneloes...


"In my blessed life’s journey I have had the true privilege of meeting some extraordinary and remarkable Souls. Anneloes Smitsman is up there with the best of the very best. From vision to strategy, from strategy to tactics, from tactics to operations, she is a profound and very rare master. I recommend her unhesitatingly, and celebrate our personal friendship and her gift of mentorship to me." ~ Lawrence Bloom, former Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation and Chairman, Dakia Global Enterprise, and voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders

"Dr. Anneloes Smitsman is a leader and pioneer in the development of the architecture of creating civilizations that enhance the wellbeing of both person and planet. In this she is a treasure trove of ingenuity and wisdom. She is one whom leaders in social evolution regard as the person who has the genius to implement the revolutionary solutions and visions that can advance the necessary development of both people and planet. She is a living example of what it means to walk the path of the emerging future human. Knowing her very well and having worked with her in the development of our books and courses, I can honestly say that she is one of the brightest minds I have ever met. She is a true renaissance woman who brings her unique gifts to the kinds of design and implementation that have the power to shift the negative trajectories of our present world, and thus she creates the designs and solutions that introduce a whole new architecture that inspires while it implements the creation of the promise and dream of a thriving world.” ~ Dr. Jean Houston, Chancellor, Meridian University, Author of over 35 books in human development and social change, and co-Founder of the Human Potential Movement

“I am really thrilled and happy to begin this dialogue about the emerging Future Archetypes, because it is fundamental to everything, this understanding that we are One Human Family. What is needed now is exactly what Anneloes Smitsman is talking about here through this course. To really understand those emerging archetypes from the foundation of what is in the centre of the 5 Future Archetypes and that is the Natural Law, the Keeping of the First Principles.” ~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Global Leader, Founder of Four Worlds International Institute, and recipient of numerous international Awards, including the prestigious Windstar Award and the Award for Freedom and Human Rights


Webinar from 27 August 2019

Anneloes Smitsman and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr explain and share about the Future Archetypes and explore the dynamics of our transition time with the webinar participants.

Course Overview


  • Seven On-Demand 90-min training sessions with Anneloes—in video and audio format (including transcripts). 
  • Seven On-Demand 15 min meditations with Anneloes Smitsman—in video and audio format.
  • Seven course handouts with Deepening Practices for each of the seven Modules, to support your integration and application.
  • Exclusive Bonus collection of 5 unique video conversation of Anneloes with Lawrence Bloom, Gail Taylor, Chief Phil Lane Jr, Dr Jude Currivan, and Dr Julie Krull.
  • Bonus teaching of the 5 Future Archetypes from the November 2021 Future Humans Group coaching session by Anneloes. In this training she guides people in the applications of the 5 Future Archetypes and how to work with the 5-Step Actualization process that features in The Quest of Rose, which she co-authored with Dr. Jean Houston. 
  • Course resources for deepening study.

"We live in the most crucial epoch in the recent history of humanity. We are threatened by multiple crises that add up to the basic insight: the path we are traveling is not sustainable. We need to rethink where we are going, and change the way we go. We need to BE the change we want to see in the world.  This calls for leadership — leading ourselves to be the change we need. This is perhaps the most vital quest of our time. Joining the programs for leadership through the initiatives of Anneloes Smitsman could be one of the most effective steps you could now take.  I hope you will take it." ~ Dr Ervin Laszlo,  Philosopher of Science, Evolutionary Systems Theorist, Author of over 83 books, and twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

"Through her writing and teaching, Anneloes’s authenticity and wisdom radiate with a crystal clarity and resonate with compassionate grace. Gently she guides readers and students through journeys of inner and outer discovery, inspiring and empowering them to re-member their own true selves and sense of purpose. As a teacher, guide and companion, she is a loving and hopeful gift of Spirit to the world." ~ Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Planetary Healer and Award-winning Author of The Cosmic Hologram




Discover and experience what the Vision of the Universal Cosmic Human means, and what this means in the context of our current climate crisis and global challenges. Learn about the transition process to a new kind of civilization that is founded on Universal principles and a whole worldview. 

Journey into your future human potential through the  imaginal cells of your Future Self. These imaginal cells form the butterfly body in the dying caterpillar body, and activate when the caterpillar has reached the limits of its growth potential in that form. Explore how the imaginal cells of your Future Self lie dormant within your consciousness and activate when you outgrow former realities and worldviews. 

Set a powerful intention for your journey into the five Future Archetypes and how you grow into your true potential for this time.



Develop an intuitive sense and understanding of the Cosmic Code and Algorithm of Life and how this manifests through Universal principles, which in indigenous cultures are referred to as the Sacred Laws of Life and First Principles.  

Through the Wholeness Coder you will learn how to live and create your life from wholeness based on the Cosmic Code of Consciousness and the Universal Principles of Life.  You will also learn how to apply this to shifting the codes of our societal systems and belief systems that are constraining our thrivability. 

From this Archetype you can also learn how to recognise and transform the parameter settings (Code) behind your life experiences, and how to access your unique Cosmic Code for the actualization of your Cosmic Human potential. 

The Wholeness Coders were known as the Sacred Law Keepers and Custodians of the First Principles by First Nations People, and are also known as the System Coders, Life Hackers, and System Architects in our modern world. 



Learn from the Future Creative Archetype how to develop your vision and create new possibilities for manifesting a more actualized version of YOU and us. 

Discover how by accessing and applying your Future Creative visionary capacity you can also increase the possibility space for others, and how this supports the transition to a Thrivable Civilisation.

Discover how to work with dynamics of collapse, breakdown, death, and dissolution for the emergence and birthing of future potentials that can support new growth patterns of higher orders of reality.

Learn how through your Future Creative ability you can directly empower the emergence and actualization of our Universal Cosmic Human potential, and help to shift the balance from emergency to emergence. 

The Future Creatives were known as the Seers, Visionaries and Prophets and are currently known as the inventors, futurist, and global visionaries in our modern worlds. 



Enhance your thrivability by accessing your Evolutionary Catalyst potential. Learn about the Universal principles of evolution and thrivability growth, and how this applies to you. Discover how you can apply this essential skill to help transform the systemic conditions of our climate crisis and build for a world that works.

Discover how you can access and catalyze the wisdom of Life in the midst of challenges, divisions, and collapse by shifting to work with the focus and pure intention of the Evolutionary Catalyst. Enhance your healing abilities through the Evolutionary Catalyst consciousness states.

The Evolutionary Catalysts were known as the healers, alchemists, midwives, mediators, and teachers. In our modern worlds they are known as the change agents, transformation facilitators, coaches, and  evolutionary teachers.  They can activate transformational change by opening access to our personal and collective wisdom in a way that supports us to heal, grow, actualize and thrive.



Learn from the Pattern Weaver about the Thrivability Pattern of Life for actualizing your Universal Cosmic Human potential. Discover how to weave new behavioral patterns from the Cosmic field of Life. Explore the sacred principles of interdependence and interconnectedness and how to apply this in our decision-making and actions. 

Learn how to transform the patterns of disunity, disconnection, and division by weaving with the Sacred Principles of Module 2 - The Wholeness Coder. 

Apply what you have learned from each of the previous Future Archetypes to weave those new understandings and practices into being, and in community with others for the co-creation of a thrivability civilization. Learn how to apply all that you have learned to also living your life with a lighter ecological footprint, and what actions you can take towards a zero-emissions and zero-waste civilization. 

Pattern Weavers were known as the peacemakers, weavers, and unifiers in Indigenous Communities. In our modern worlds they are more known more as the networkers, community builders, connectors, and social innovators.  



Access your New Paradigm Storyteller potential for creating and sharing narratives that celebrate unity in diversity, and help shift the many divisions within and between our worlds by transforming the codes of our stories. Explore the underlying narrative and story of your life, and make space for a new chapter in your life based on new patterns and possibilities. 

Explore the narratives that celebrate our membership within Life and inspire our actualization and evolutionary growth as a Universal Cosmic Human, from the Vision that we explored and shared in Module 1. Learn how to become a New Paradigm Storyteller by building and weaving your storytelling based on everything you have learned as a - Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, and Pattern Weaver. Contribute your story to the larger emerging story as the Transition Team for a world that works. 

Storytellers were known and honoured since ancient times, they were often considered as prophets and teachers of revelation. In our modern worlds, the storyteller archetype has emerged strongly as the communicator, cultural creative, and the storyteller that helps to shift the paradigm. 



Through this final module, you will receive the support to integrate and embody the Codes, practices, and consciousness states of the 5 Future Archetypes, combined with all the practices and exercises you have received for becoming more planetary conscious, ecologically literate, and capable of shifting our paradigm into a new story. You are now ready to apply your new abilities from your Universal Cosmic Human potentials for this important transition time.

Through this final Module you will be given further practices that help you to apply everything you have learned, explored and discovered in a way that adds meaning, clarity and purpose to your life and work. 

You are now ready to bring forth your inner genius for a world and future where all can thrive and flourish. 

We will complete this course through a beautiful celebration, and by sharing our stories and insights as we harvest the fruits of our journey together, and we begin to create the Thrivable Civilization together.




This enlightening video conversation with Lawrence Bloom and Anneloes Smitsman explores the Transition to a Thrivability Civilization and what is converging at this specific phase of our Transition Time. 

Lawrence Bloom made his transition in 2021, He was a global catalyst, environmentalist, businessman, and visionary thinker. He was the former Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organisation which advises, assists and enables in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on behalf those Countries with which it has Treaties. Lawrence was also a trustee of the Dakia Global Foundation, the ultimate holding company of the entire Dakia Group, and sits as director on a number of subsidiary Boards managing the Hotel Joint Venture with the Universal Music Group (UMG). He was appointed as first Chairman of the Global Agenda Council on Urban Management of the World Economic Forum at Davos, former Chairman of the Green Cities Buildings and Transport Council of the Green Economy Initiative of the UN Environmental Programme. He iwas also Chair of Be Energy,, and was voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders, and in 2016 received an award at the UN from the Humanitarian Innovation Forum for Conscious Leadership.



This inspiring video conversation between Dr. Jude Currivan and Anneloes Smitsman explores the dynamics and principles of the Cosmic Code. They also explore the process of birthing our Future from a feminine  Cosmological perspective. 

Dr. Jude Currivan (Ph.D.) is a cosmologist, author, and futurist. She has a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University specializing in quantum physics and cosmology, and a Ph.D. in Archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK. She has journeyed to more than seventy countries around the world and for the last, nearly twenty years has lived in the sacred landscape of Avebury. She has experienced multidimensional realities since early childhood and worked with the wisdom keepers both incarnate and discarnate of many traditions. She integrates leading-edge science, research into consciousness and universal wisdom teachings into a wholistic WholeWorld-View. Her award-winning book “The Cosmic Hologram” is an important resource for our EARTHwise programs.



This bonus includes your opportunity to join a live video conversation between Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Anneloes Smitsman, exploring the ancient origins of the Vision of the Universal Human and the Indigenous Prophecies for our Future.  A unique opportunity to meet with brother Phil directly and also ask him any questions you may have. 

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development. During the past 50 years Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from the Americas, Micronesia, South East Asia, China, India, Bhutan, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996). In 1982, he founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). He is also Chairman of Four Directions International and Compassion Games International



In this inspiring video conversation between Gail Taylor and Anneloes Smitsman, a deeper appreciation opens up for the time in which we are now. Reflecting on previous times of significant societal changes, and the unique patterns emerging now, a richer understanding emerges of our evolutionary potential and the importance of collaboration for our species maturation. 

For five decades, Gail Taylor has been practicing and facilitating group genius, instructional design and experiential learning. She uses a synergistic mutual learning approach to link diverse parties, dissolve blocks of unhealthy competition, and enable organizations and communities to tap into tacit group genius and entrepreneurial knowledge. Gail taught first in public and private schools. Gail’s work and philosophy in education expanded to the business and government communities when she and her husband, Matt Taylor, and they co-founded MG Taylor Corporation and knOwhere Inc. Together, they blended their talents and created a system of collaborative environments, work processes, and tools to unleash dormant creativity enabling people to work together across all boundaries finding healthier solutions for themselves and their organizations. Gail formed Tomorrow Makers with the idea of bringing the concept of  “tomorrow by design, not default” to communities and visionaries, helping us find each other. 



This insightful video conversation between Dr. Julie Krull and Anneloes Smitsman explores the principles and practices of Evolutionary Coherence. 

Dr. Julie is a steward of the new earth, midwifing the evolution of consciousness, whole system health, and a whole worldview. Her 30-year career as an intuitive, integrative health practitioner and psychotherapist has influenced her work with evolutionary thought leaders and change-makers from around the world — co-creating connections that inspire personal, collective and planetary healing. She worked and studied with Barbara Marx Hubbard and is a Mentor of Conscious Evolution, mentoring leaders and influencers who are dreaming a new dream and working toward whole-systems health. Dr. Julie is a popular speaker, teacher, Founding Steward of GOOD of the WHOLE, radio talk show host of The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected, and author of the international bestselling book, Fractured Grace: How to Create Beauty, Peace and Healing for Yourself and the World.


Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., LLM, is a visionary scientist, published author, futurist, system architect, and leadership catalyst for the transition to a Thrivable Civilization. She is Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre and holds a Masters degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (formerly ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation "Into the Heart of Systems Change", addresses how to diagnose and transform key systemic barriers of our world crisis through its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization. Anneloes is the co-author of the #1 Amazon International Bestseller The Quest of Rose, the first book of the Future Humans Trilogy with Dr. Jean Houston, and is the author of the Amazon International Bestseller “Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning”, as well as many scientific articles and chapters in international peer-reviewed journals and books. Anneloes is the lead architect of the EARTHwise Tipping Point System, the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, an architect of the SEEDS Constitution and strategic advisor of Hypha for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She  is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. 

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  • Seven On-Demand 90-min training sessions with Anneloes—in video and audio format (including transcripts). 
  • Seven On-Demand 15 min meditations with Anneloes Smitsman—in video and audio format.
  • Seven course handouts with Deepening Practices for each of the seven Modules, to support your integration and application.
  • Exclusive Bonus collection of 5 unique video conversation of Anneloes with Lawrence Bloom, Gail Taylor, Chief Phil Lane Jr, Dr Jude Currivan, and Dr Julie Krull.
  • Bonus teaching of the 5 Future Archetypes from the November 2021 Future Humans Group coaching session by Anneloes. In this training she guides people in the applications of the 5 Future Archetypes and how to work with the 5-Step Actualization process that features in The Quest of Rose, which she co-authored with Dr. Jean Houston.
  • Course resources for deepening study.

What People are saying about Anneloes & her programs ...


“The wisdom shared is very profound and life-changing”

I was blessed to participate in this groundbreaking Leadership Quest. I have been transforming intensely for 12 years and have attended many high-quality leadership development programs, and I have to say this was the most inspiring program I have attended. The wisdom shared by Anneloes, Justine, and their guest teachers is very profound and life-changing. This is not a program for everyone and it is the perfect program for leaders who have already done a lot of transformation work and are ready to access deep wisdom so they can play a key role in awakening humanity and helping it rise in consciousness.

~Stephane Leblanc, CEO & Founder of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership


“I am eager for more of the initiation”

I feel I was initiated in the field that Anneloes brings forth and I have so much gratitude for this. Because of the profound nature of the times that we are in, we are of course being initiated but we don’t have very many places to go to for entering into initiation that are a through-line from the ancient wisdom traditions and the Indigenous traditions in a way that is so alive in Anneloes. I am eager for more of the initiation, and I am eager to go back into the meditations, to go back into the field and to receive it again and again. The meditations are so profound and they continue to work you. I am looking forward to deepening in this practice. For coming into conscious leadership and to be of the greatest service  that you can possibly be, you can’t get there without this kind of support. 

~ Sheri Herndon, ecosystem architect and evolutionary leader


"I found your mentorship of great help"

Thank you Anneloes and EARTHwise Centre for all your support. I found your mentorship of great help this summer as the racing competition I have competed in this season has been very trying at times. I have learned that there are many ways to see the world and people. If you look for the good, you will find it, and if you look for the bad, you will find that, too. I am now focussing on looking for the good.  Everyone experiences hardship or sadness of some sort, but it is how you can engage the uncertain times that matters.  Support through programs like yours allows people to heal and discover a deeper understanding of themselves. Thank you, as I genuinely appreciate the help you put forward to bring personal peace and harmony into the world.

Zach Spicer, Mikisew Cree First Nation, student and professional sailor.


“What she brought was just what I had been longing for”

I felt like I stepped into a sacred circle of women, where I knew I was held lovingly and safely as I delved into the questions I was carrying in my heart. During this time together, I unearthed some golden nuggets because of the unique context, perspective, teachings, practices, and principles that Anneloes brings in such a beautiful, powerful, and heart-centered way. It was apparent that the richness of these teachings was distilled from her many years steeped in Ancient Wisdom teachings, Indigenous ways, and current scientific research. What she brought was just what I had been longing for so I might more deeply explore and discover some answers to questions I had been contemplating for quite some time. It was as if some missing pieces of a puzzle I had been working on for many years were shown to me, and as they found their place, the entirety of the picture I couldn’t quite fully see now came into view in all of its beauty and wholeness. I feel immensely honored, blessed, and grateful for having had this opportunity to embark on this quest with Anneloes as my guide.

~ Dr. Meredith Lowry, Osteopathic integrative physician, transformational coach and facilitator


"In truth, I think the quest is a gift that keeps on giving"

When I began the leadership quest, I had initially been disorganized and scattered, likely a result of summer school and  sickness. I had not been able to attend the live sessions due to  summer school, but I was able to watch the recordings in my own time. Starting with the first season, I could feel a gradual, but meaningful change begin to occur. Through each of the lessons, the meditations, and the self-reflection, I learned more and more not only about myself but also about perspectives I hadn’t considered before and ways of looking at the world. Other things I had known before but hadn’t truly explored until going through the exercises, being more introspective and pondering the meaning of those thoughts.  Although, I have learned much from the quest and “finished” it, I think there’s still more to the lessons and teachings for me to discover, even now. As such, I will be going back into the lessons to review and think differently about what is in them.  I will be using what I’ve learned and integrated it into my life, in day-to-day circumstances, hard times, and even in ways I haven't thought of yet. In truth, I think the quest is a gift that keeps on giving, and although I hadn’t finished viewing the lessons until recently, I predict I will be coming back to it in the future. 

~ Tiger Lane, Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, Age 18, Earl Mariott High School (USA)


“The quality of everything she does is done with integrity and excellence”

Anneloes Smitsman lives what she teaches and is one of the most generous, humble, brilliant, and loving people I have ever met. The quality of everything she does is done with integrity and excellence. Her actions are aligned with her values, mission, and intention.  Anneloes is someone I trust completely, and when she does something she does it for the good of the Whole. 

~ Nicola Hoffman, transformational coach and facilitator


“Anneloes is a rare and precious gift”

Anneloes is a rare and precious gift. She embodies the ethos of wholeness with her deep, mystical wisdom complemented by her strong, cognitive intelligence. Both come into balance as she allows her heart to lead and guide. Her innate genius is a treasure. 

~ Julie Krull, PhD, Founder of GOOD of the WHOLE and talk radio host


“Anneloes Smitsman is an incredible guide and teacher”

Anneloes Smitsman is an incredible guide and teacher. She is able to explain and teach complex, profound, and hidden truths in a simple manner, so as to give us a way to put this “ancient wisdom” and “mystical magic” to use in our journey. 

~ Lizete Morais, Founder of Authentic Pro Academy, leadership transformation expert, speaker, and author


"Truly amazing, providing such wonderful ways to be conscious and synchronous, to flow and grow"

The Leadership Quest that I began with like-minded learners has enlightened me on many levels from personal matters to matters from others around me. There were issues that I was dealing with at one point, and due to the insights I’ve gathered from the others in the group as well as from myself, I was able to identify and properly handle them, and I learned from them, having solved them! The support I received and continue to receive inspirational learning and it helps me find my own clarity, even if I don’t know the answers, as I’m confident in myself even more than before! The skills and tools that I’ve received are truly amazing, providing such wonderful ways to be conscious and synchronous, to flow and grow!

~ Jesse Raub, Artist & Student (the USA)


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