Responding to runaway Climate Change: Indigenous Wisdom for Planetary Health


2018 and 2019 will prove to be critical years, as we continue our journey toward actualizing a new, just, inclusive global civilization and a culture of peace that respects and honors all members of our Human Family and all Life. During the last two years rapidly escalating global challenges are calling our urgent attention and require United Action:

  • Increasing global environmental disintegration, natural disasters, and unforeseen calamities in many parts of the world.
  • Growing financial instability and signs of an inevitable collapse of our corrupt global economic system.
  • Increasing extremes of wealth and poverty.
  • The unraveling of humanity’s social and cultural fabric.
  • Deepening ethnic and inter-religious strife.
  • Increasing impotence and gridlock of outworn political systems and governance structures.
  • Further destruction of Indigenous Peoples and their Sacred Homelands.
  • Persisting unchecked global arms and drug trades.
  • Debilitating behaviors associated with competing ideologies that are unable to meet humanity’s basic physical, social, economic, environmental and spiritual needs.

At the same time, Indigenous people from around the world are uniting to stop “the eco-genocide” and “run-away Climate Change”. Together we are building the foundations for a New Global Civilization of Conscious Planetary Citizens.

During the webinar of 14 November 2018, a group of indigenous and evolutionary leaders came together to explore how we can best rise to this challenge and take United Action to stop runaway Climate Change and the eco-genocide: Chief Phil Lane Jr, Founder & CEO of Four Worlds International Institute and Chair of Compassion Game International, Rex Weyler, co-Founder of Greenpeace International and author, Anneloes Smitsman, Founder & CEO of EARTHwise Centre, Lyla June Johnston, musician, poet, anthropologist, educator, community organizer and public speaker, with contributions from the panelists: Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey, Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl, Michelle Holliday, and Dr. Kurt Barnes.

The webinar was based on the following key documents, which are also applied in follow-up actions.



International Treaty To Protect and Restore Mother Earth from FWII on Vimeo.

Together We can Restore the Earth from Ecosystem Restoration Camps on Vimeo.

The Heat is ON – Answer the Call from Anneloes Smitsman on Vimeo.


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