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Our Corporate Training programs and award-wining methods support you, your teams, and your organization to thrive and flourish. Our transformational methods, practices, and methodologies are based on a whole system approach for human development and system change. Scientifically validated and based on a long track-record of improving the wellbeing, success, and thrivability of people and organizations.

Our corporate services combine the latest insights and practices from ecological psychology, neurobiology, organizational development, corporate sustainability, transformative leadership, and value creation. Customized through original content for you and your organization.



This course supports leaders in executive positions to enhance their leadership capabilities through the further development of their listening skills. Listening is a vital life-skill that many leaders have not been trained in. Participants will learn the skills, techniques and protocols to enhance listening in various leadership contexts. This will help them gain a better understanding of what is really being said and how to set up protocols for listening to achieve mutual understanding. Participants will thus learn how to achieve their objectives by optimizing their communication. The training also aims to provide participants with techniques for identifying what stops them from hearing what is truly being said by becoming aware of inherited attitudes and scenarios that inhibit active and passive forms of listening. Application of these skills, techniques and protocols will empower leaders to optimizes their communication skills and increases their effectiveness with people.


This 6 months training program is designed for teams and supports each person to discover and unlock their potentials while applying this in the context of their professional and personal relationships. Participants learn to identify their challenges and strengths, as well as their leadership qualities and competencies for creative thinking, intuitive intelligence, and innovation. Mentor coaching sessions are provided to a ‘support management team’ in parallel with the 6 sessions to provide feedback to mentors, coordinators and supervisors regarding the training outcomes and learning needs of the trainees. These sessions for the support management team provide guidance for how to build further capacity in order to become a true learning organization. As such the learning and development opportunities and outcomes for both employees and their managers/supervisors/ coordinators are optimized from a whole systems approach.


Through this one-day training course participants learn to unlock and develop their innovative and creative thinking skills through interactive exercises and systems thinking games. They learn to move beyond their comfort zone and think ‘outside the box’. Participants learn to become conscious of ‘what is their mental model’ and ‘how this impacts’ on the development and application of their potentials and decision-making processes. Participants will be given challenges and learning tasks that cannot be resolved through their usual mental models, and will require creative innovative thinking skills and collaborative approaches. Participants will also be introduced to integrated thinking skills for leadership, to better understand the kind of focus and decision-making processes that are required in leadership positions, and what influences their perception. Through playful exercises, participants will become more aware of their own mental models and how they select what they consider a priority and what gets discarded depending on the criteria that are set, agreed upon, and defined.


Participants learn about feminine leadership qualities and how to support their organisation to grow and flourish based on feminine wisdom principles. Participants gain also a more holistic understanding of their own growth and development needs, which includes their work-life balance, and how to grow professionally without sacrificing their personal needs and priorities. Through interactive exercises, participants learn how to create a dynamic balance that supports the best of their feminine qualities to emerge in a way that also support the organisation to thrive and flourish. Through specific exercises, participants further learn to enhance their strategic visioning and integrated thinking skills combined with their intuitive intelligence, within a leadership context. Finally, participants learn to work with feminine leadership wisdom for identifying, resolving and transforming challenging situations, to enhance their relationships, professionally and personally.


This training is for Directors and down to middle Management. With the help of bio-feedback measurements that makes visible the level of confidence, and specific instructions and exercises participants learn to focus their attention and optimise their whole self intelligence. This allows the intuition to manifest in appropriate behaviours, actions, and goal setting / achievements.


Participants learn how to develop their personal and professional vision, and how to apply this ability in their daily work at higher strategic levels. Through specific exercises, participants also learn to enhance their strategic visioning and integrated thinking skills. This also supports the further development of their intuitive intelligence within a leadership context. Integrated thinking skills, vision, and intuitive intelligence are very important for Leadership functions.


This training helps companies to learn how to resolve conflictual situations in respect of their governance. It supports improvement and understanding of how people communicate. It also enhances the ability to manage the stress of specific conflicts. Participants learn how to instigate the dynamism from the executive directors, to operational managers, to customer relations, so that the tasks can be executed in a more creative manner, when required.


Companies learn how to drive their corporate sustainability commitments from a place of value creation, as part of a higher strategic business vision for corporate sustainability. Participants learn the fundamentals about sustainable development, corporate sustainability, climate change impacts that are business related, the Global Goals, business thrivability, leadership for value-creation, and how to use integrated reporting inputs and outputs to innovate business strategies and improve stakeholder relationships.


Value creation is the business model of the future. This often requires innovation in leadership and transformation of organizational cultures. Our Value Currencies™ training provides companies with a systemic methodology for value-creation by becoming conscious of our behavioral transactions. Our 33 Value Currencies have been formulated to re-think how we define worth & value, by focussing on what we can give, generate, and exchange to co-create experiences of value.


Participants receive specific role-play exercises to evaluate and improve their relational competencies and intuitive intelligence. Participants are given key wisdom principles and practices for identifying, resolving and transforming challenging situations and relationships that can trigger conflict, division and tension. Through these practices, participants also learn how to create better teams and collaborations with their colleagues and their stakeholder community, which is an essential skill for higher leadership positions.


“I am very happy with the outcomes of this training. This has enabled our young employees to discover their potential, and develop new skills so as to better face the very demanding day-to day life circumstances.” 

Patrice Ithier

Manager, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“This course will enable the young of today to be aware of their potential and improve their life as a whole. It fills the gap where their education and upbringing has missed out on the development of these important ‘soft skills ’.”

Management Team

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“EARTHwise Value Currencies focus on what we can generate, give, exchange and transact in order to co-create experiences of mutual values. It was a real pleasure to share this training with all the LUX Management Team.” 

Christophe Adam

LUX* Sales & Marketing Manager

"Very good program. Really helps to discover your potential and build on it. Deal with challenges along with your strengths and communicate constructively.”

Faaiqa K

Mauritius Commercial Banke (MCB) 



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