The Amazon Bestseller Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning, by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, guide us into the heart of our humanity to discover the essence of who we are from a planetary perspective. Through these 13 Letters, we receive the wisdom and support that our planet, as a caring and conscious Mother, shares for this challenging time.

Providing us with three essential keys of wisdom for actualizing our Unity. By accessing these keys we become aware of the root causes of the thousands of years of division and disunity that have caused so much suffering. Mother Earth promises and shows us how a new cycle of time, a new beginning, is possible born from unity and wholeness, by the power of Love. This prepares us as co-creators of a New Story based on the actualization of our true humanity.

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These 13 Letters were originally published in 2018, and have now evolved into a unique audio experience through Messages from Mother Earth, with soundtracks by award-winning composer Alan Howarth. CLICK HERE or the button below to learn more.

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Anneloes Smitsman

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM) is a futurist, systems scientist, award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change, and award-winning bestselling author. She is the Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. Her programs, practices, and strategies are sought after around the world for actualizing our future human potential, and catalyzing the next steps in human consciousness and systemic design for thrivability.

She was awarded the Visioneers Lifetime Achievement in May 2022, and was crowned overall African winner in the  category "Human Development" of the 2022 Africa’s Most Respected CEOs Awards. 

She is the co-author with Dr. Jean Houston of the Future Humans Trilogy, which includes The Quest of Rose, a #1 Amazon Bestseller and Winner of the 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award  and the #1 Amazon Bestseller  Return of the Avatars, She is the co-editor and co-author with Dr. Alexander Laszlo of The New Paradigm in Politics, and she is the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth, and the narrated version Messages from Mother Earth with soundtracks by Alan Howarth (launching soon), as well as numerous other publications. CLICK HERE to learn more about Anneloes and her work.

Connect now with your heart and feel our connection with your whole body. Trust in the Love of our unity.  Trust in our wholeness. When we enter our heart, it informs our mind of all it needs to know.

The power that is held inside us is the power through which the universe manifests itself. It is by this power that we heal ourselves, that we restore ourselves, and remember who we are."

“Anneloes Smitsman is the leading edge in the studies of consciousness and reality. Her profound explorations in self evolution, quantum physics and social change are both thrilling and unique. I highly recommend this book full of inspiration and wisdom. It provides essential guidance to remember our way home, and for becoming the possible human for a possible world.” ~ Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D., principal founder of the Human Potential Movement

“Love Letters from Mother Earth, by Beloved Sister Anneloes Smitsman, is one of those must read books! This book reconnects us to the Sacred Teachings and Beauty of our Beloved Mother Earth in a most beautiful,  inspiring, wise, insightful and uplifting way!” ~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Founder & Chairman, Four Worlds International Institute

Love Letters from Mother Earth is a tender, wise and wholehearted gift. Thanks to Anneloes Smitsman’s compassionate sensitivity and poetic soul, we are inspired and empowered to hear the voice of our beloved Mother. Love Letters invites us in profound and yet gentle ways to re-member and heal our vital relationship with our one and only planetary home. In re-minding and re-hearting us of not only our reliance on Her but Her ever-loving nurturing of all Her children, it is a vibrant and timely message to help guide our way home.” ~ Dr. Jude Currivan, Ph.D., Cosmologist, Healer & Author , The Cosmic Hologram

"The wisdom of Life is such that it naturally restores each being to their wholeness.

This process of deconstruction, transmutation, and re-birth is part of that wisdom process. 

Even when we are not consciously initiating this journey ourselves, our life experiences will trigger this process when our development becomes too blocked or constrained"


“Whether you’ve come to this planet to make a difference, or whether you’re lost and confused on how and why you got here, Anneloes Smitsman’s book is a must read. By structuring her narrative as 13 letters from our loving Mother the Earth and our father Sun she explores in depth the core reasons for how our dysfunctional and separated society arose. So this is no lightweight tome. The 3 keys to our salvation are explained in some detail, as well as the reason for our enslavement. She writes: “Love cannot be divided and fragmented. Knowing this, the power of Love had to be diminished by those who saw themselves as rulers of our world. The only way they could diminish the power of Love was by fragmenting and dividing us.” Thus this enslavement arises from our shared hallucination of the “polarity” matrix, which is the lens through which we see the world, and which blinds us to the unity that lies behind the duality.  And so we believe, unwittingly and unconsciously, that we live in a dualistic reality system, seemingly unable to access that Oneness from which all this reality arises. Anneloes Smitsman shows us a way through this delusion. And now we have reached an extreme point of bifurcation. The book explains that we are at the end of a major series of 16 cycles and it’s “crunch time.” If you want to know how to be prepared for this unique moment, and you should…. read this book, it will change your life!” ~ Lawrence Bloom (Ph.D.), former Secretary General & Chairman, Be Earth Foundation & Be Energy Group

“Life comes in cycles of ebb and flow, the cosmic inhalation and exhalation. During times of ebb and cosmic inhalation, the energy recedes for renewal and deeper integration. When we don’t see the flow and exhale that follows, it may feel as if Life recedes from us during those periods.

Learn to trust in the movement that follows, there is always a balancing, a deeper rhythmic breathing of which you are an integral part.”

“Love Letters from Mother Earth, although composed through the hand and heart of Anneloes Smitsman, are sacred teachings that are also flowing forth from the soul of the Shechinah. The Shechinah is ancient Hebraic Kabbalah Wisdom School code for the divine feminine ~ both the Cosmic Mother above and Daughter Earth below. As the upper Shechinah is also in eternal union with the Divine Father, Anneloes understands, honors and supports the psychospiritual union of the divine masculine with the feminine. “Codes”, “toroidal flow”, “triunity”, “quadrants”, the “inner architecture of life” and the “creative power of the serpent” — terms used throughout her work — are concepts well known in the Kabbalah. She, however, has come to many of these truths on her own with little exposure to this school of Kabbalah. It is a sign of the depth of her intuitive wisdom, that her teachings also speak in a similar cosmic common-sense and disciplined language. Her work is a new, yet ancient doctrine offering a systematic design for reuniting humanity’s current confounding reality with our original, higher-dimensional consciousness.“ ~ Rabbi Joel Bakst, Author, Teaching Rabbi, Scholar, Beyond Kabbalah - The Teaching That Cannot Be Taught

“If you want to experience coming alive, more integrated, more connected, more whole than ever before, read this book! If you care about our planet and the future of our children and all of life, read this book. It will enhance your capabilities of making a difference far beyond what words can explain. This book helps you become what you’ve always wanted from the deepest cells of your being….Read On and…Welcome Home.” ~ Dame Kim Conrad, Award-winning Author, International Speaker, Executive Coach , Founder of Sacred Life Living, LLC

“Anneloes Smitsman has written a beautiful invocation to find joy on earth. Imbued with love, hope, and faith, the writing is full of compassion as it honours Nature and all its precious beings on earth, in particular men and women (and all gender in between). It is an inspiring text that gives one a sense of being in the world and also beyond the world simultaneously as it delves into the realms of the real, the metaphoric, the poetic, and the mystical. It gives one a sense of becoming one with the Earth and beyond. As I have always been enchanted with the notion of the Akashic records wherein exists four interconnected states of knowing and being called, Holographic Unity, Harmonic Memory, Synchronic Order and the Imaginal Realm, I was immediately drawn to Smitsman’s capacity to bring these existential realms to conscious and unconscious knowing through her letters. As each Love Letter from Mother Earth brings forth a particular consciousness, it invites us to delve deeply into their meaning to receive a full understanding of our existence as being whole, unified, harmonic, synchronic and, yes, imaginal.

The words of Elie Wiesel jump out at me for we must look to meaning and purpose. Yet, what cannot be drawn from a darkness that lies outside our ability to describe, define, or understand it, we must seek instead for a way to say, “Here there is a why.” To be cut off from seeking our purpose and raison d’être is a travesty. It is for this reason we can and must seek why as we continue to venture into deeper understandings of love. To come to know the fullness of love takes living life fully and pausing at each step to reflect on its depth and vastness. Each step of the way requires a constant opening, for any shutting down leaves us gasping for air. Anneloes Smitsman’s Letters from Mother Earth present us with yet another opening for inquiry and introspection.” ~ Prof. dr. Anne-Marie LaMonde, Ph.D, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, Canada

“Albert Einstein famously reminded us that we will not solve the crises confronting us if we approach them in the same way of thinking  that created them in the first place. He called the separation between self and world an ‘optical illusion of our consciousness’. Love Letters from Mother Earth should be read with this in mind and heart. Anneloes Smitsman writes from the understanding that we all are in fact expressions of a living Earth and hence able to speak not for her but as her. These Letters offers a wealth of insights and expanded perspectives on love, trust, overcoming the illusion of separation, and restoring our internal wholeness. We are invited on “a journey into our evolutionary potential and unfolding.” This book is an invitation to re-envision your self as participant in and co-creative agent of the whole that brought you forth. This participatory way of seeing and relating will help us respond to the converging crises with wisdom. Doing so, we may discover that these crises harbour within them an opportunity of transforming the human impact on Earth by transforming our understanding of who we truly are.” ~ Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl, Ph.D.Author, Designing Regenerative Cultures

“Love Letters from Mother Earth by Anneloes Smitsman is an invitation into a relationship we deeply yearn for, yet haven’t quite known how to access or engage with fully. As I savored each word I could feel myself relaxing and entering into a deeper relationship with myself and Life. It was like I was coming home. I wanted to read it again and again to more fully access what at first I had only glimpsed. There is something essentially quintessential within Love Letters from Mother Earth that offers deep soul nourishment and hope for our future at a time it is so needed. The friends I have shared it with all have had similar experiences and are now sharing it with others.” ~ Dr Meredith Lowry


“The power of Love is such that it manifests, and actualizes, our true wisdom nature, regardless of our experiences. 

Love opens us to our wholeness and heals the divisions. Love heals the roots of our pain and suffering. It is by this power that we realize our innate wisdom nature and what it means to be wholeness and unity.

By presencing the power of Love in our beingness and action, we end this cycle of division and we heal our world.”

Justine Page

Transformational Leadership Coach, Trainer & Public Speaker

“This amazing book is in the same genre as Eckhart Tolle’s The New Earth, which was published more than 10 years ago. Now, Love Letters from Mother Earth takes us a step further and deeper into our understanding of our Planet as a conscious loving being. It is an essential book for our changing world. Anneloes Smitsman has an incredible access to wisdom and a beautiful way with words that explain why we are in our current paradigm, and how we can help heal our world to return it back to its wholeness, guided by the feminine wisdom of our Mother. This book has the power to awaken our true wisdom potentials,  and is a guide to be referred to and read over and over again.”

Nicola Hoffman

Transformational Coach & Wisdom Faciltator

“Love Letters From Mother Earth is brilliantly written, an inspiring and empowering book that gives us what we need to step into our wholeness for the good of all. Anneloes Smitsman shares her message at the same impactful and empowering level as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katy, and Gary Zhukov. Love Letters From Mother Earth is life changing, and in a time when change is needed for the highest outcome for humanity and our planet. Anneloes writes “We cannot change the outer world without becoming conscious of the inner world,” this work shares the wisdom that supports us in bringing our heart and mind into coherence and from this place we move forward for the good of the whole."

Erik Lawrence

Musician Composer, Journalist, Poet, Sound Healer

“Anneloes Smitsman has written a singular and unifying document. Or perhaps she has channeled this work. I can’t imagine how she did it! Not unlike my favorite music and poetry, this writing has deep intellect, spirituality, and sensuality. This is not a common fairytale. Ms. Smitsman requires the reader to rise up and pay attention to every word. She is deeply exploring levels of human existence and growth. This is a guidebook for sentient beings. A book we’ve hoped and wished might appear. It is conscious of the human condition.  Breathing in, we attend to the depth of all that has come before us. Breathing out, we are prepared for what meets us today.”

Zenobia Beckett

Corporate Leader

“If you enjoyed Rumi or Neale Donald Walsch, you will love this book. It is a message to us all about how we can navigate in this world and restore our deepest connections. With each Letter you will find your own consciousness expanding. I found this a guidebook, a loving reminder of our essential oneness and sacred feminine wisdom. As I read through each chapter I found my own consciousness opening up, evolving, and returning home to the essentials.”

"Realize now that the world through which we have been experiencing ourselves and each other is only one of many possibilities.

A new cycle of time is awaiting us through which we can bring forth our unified reality through a new world. This is the future that is calling us.

Your humanity is a sacred gift, you are a child from the Eternal flame of Love. May this flame guide and illuminate your path. I am with you."

Stéphane Leblanc

Founder & CEO, The International Center for Conscious Leadership.

“In reading Love Letters from Mother Earth, I regained hope for humanity’s fate as this beautiful book is full of profound wisdom teachings that allow us to reconnect with our true essence, and gives us the energy to continue on our path of transforming humanity so that we can co-create a promising future for the next generations.”

Julie Krull (Ph.D.)

Founding Steward, Talk Radio Host, GOOD of the WHOLE & World of Love

“This book embodies the ethos of wholeness with deep, mystical wisdom complemented by strong, cognitive intelligence. Both come into balance in this book, reminding us how to allow our heart to lead and guide. Love Letters from Mother Earth is a rare and precious gift. It is like a luminous wisdom map for every reader to discover his or her own inherent brilliance and step into essential wholeness. I breathe easier knowing this wisdom is being preserved and shared for the benefit of my granddaughter and our future generations! Thanks, Anneloes.”

About the Paintings

The paintings in this book are the original works of Rachel Tribble. After learning about Love Letters from Mother Earth, she felt inspired to contribute these paintings in recognition and honoring of the same voice and vision that inspires her Art. The paintings are included in the book in black-and-white version. The paintings are included in such a way that you may color-in these paintings to personalize this book with your favorite colors. You can view here the paintings in their original colours.

Rachel Tribble’s award-winning artwork has captured a worldwide audience from corporations to private collectors. Her artwork has been featured in art books and national magazines, and has been gifted to nominees of the Academy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards. In 2008 her work for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival poster won the IFEA Gold Pinnacle Award for the Walt Disney Company. In 2009 she was awarded the Atlanta Design Center’s Visual Display Award. In 2012 and 2013 her work was in the Red Dot and Spectrum shows during Art Basel in Miami. Rachel is the co-founder of The Association for Tribal Heritage, dedicated to Native American cultural preservation and education.

The Heart of Light

"You already know that my Light potentiates our unity into form as it in-forms deeply the worlds of Creation. Through my Light you can access our cosmic unity everywhere, as you are of this Light too. This sacred knowledge is the key to direct transmission. When you transmit, and are transmitted, there is no distance to cross. You manifest directly within the potentiality of our unity as One.

Love is union. Your heart knows this without needing to think. Your heart is an incredible transducer, able to receive and converge the multitude of wave-patterns and transmit these as in-formational content that is supercoherent. You call this Love. Your heart literally knows and is designed to receive, send, and be Love." ~ From Letter 11, Our Sun


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