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Changing the World by Playing to Thrive

Elowyn: Quest of Time is an engaging transformative Play2Thrive game that empowers players to create real-life positive impact with benevolent artificial intelligences they help train. Powered by a sustainable token economy, Elowyn offers players economic benefits while also contributing to funding support for projects‚ÄĒincluding their own‚ÄĒthat positively impact both the planet and humanity.

Launching in September through a fun web-based collectible card game (CCG) teaser where players take on the Moloch AI that learns from their choices. The Alpha version of the CCG is planned for December 2024, with a larger multiplayer role-playing game planned for 2025.

Elowyn: Quest of Time puts the power of transformation in your hands with technologies for good. Supported by a global community of pioneers and visionaries that form part of the EARTHwise movement. Join us in shaping Elowyn's future!


The Eloywn game¬†economy is¬†designed as a real-life experiment for¬†shifting¬†the Moloch game dynamics by which we play away our future. Our tokenomics incentivizes and rewards creating¬†shared prosperity¬†for a thriving planet.¬†Elowyn is powered by the cryptographic token EWA, which serves as the native in-game token based on the ERC-20 token standard and minted on both the Base blockchain and Ethereum for worldwide accessibility. EWA tokens¬†provide utility for both in-game as well as real-world opportunities and causes. EWA¬†means¬†‚ÄėEarth Wise Abundance‚Äô, which represents our commitment to¬†pioneer a new Play2Thrive genre.

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

Architect of Elowyn: Quest of Time & Founder of EARTHwise

“As a mother of two teenage boys who love to play video games, I've felt deeply concerned that most of the popular games reinforce the same battle game dynamics that are driving our world to collapse. 3.6 billion people play video games worldwide with the majority youth and young adults. As an entrepreneur and sustainability scientist, I decided in 2022 to create a fun and engaging alternative. A new paradigm Play2Thrive game that empowers younger generations as game-changing future leaders. And so the journey began to take on Moloch in-game and in real life!" 

Taking on Moloch

Elowyn: Quest of Time empowers players to co-create a thrivable world by taking on the deceptive forces of Moloch that trick us into playing away our future. Moloch is a concept in game theory referencing an ancient demon that lures us into sacrificing our future for short-term gains and false promises. The Moloch dynamic on Earth is invisible to the average player, and yet most of us are trapped in it. Our game will help reveal its inner workings in a playful, empowering way.  

The roadmap begins with a freemium web-based CCG (collectible card game) teaser, introducing players to the cunning Moloch AI. In this teaser, players will play a ‚Äúsimple‚ÄĚ card battle game with novel deception mechanics. At the same time, they will learn how Moloch dynamics play out in real life.¬†

In the narrative, the adaptive Moloch AI will be unleashed in larger and larger play spaces. In terms of roadmap, it will expand its influence across various modes of gameplay. What starts as a fun card game will soon transform into new game genres, including an eventual immersive multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) where players can hack their destiny from a more evolved future world.

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EARTHwise Centre Ltd is a CSR-registered nonprofit company based in Mauritius, and operating globally (BRN C15131982). Depending on your jurisdiction, donations to EARTHwise Centre can be a tax-deductible expense.  Donation receipts are issued automatically through our crowdfunding platform. 

Creating Real-World Impact by Playing the Eloywn Game

Technologies for Good

We understand, and appreciate, that gaming must be fun and experientially rewarding. That's why we are launching Eloywn: Quesst of Time through a fun web-based card game with token rewards to take on the deceptive Moloch AI. However, we go further than mere entertainment by creating a game economy with gameplay, lore, and characters that also educate, inspire, and activate our greater human potential for the changes that are necessary. Our commitment is to empower younger generations as future leaders for a thrivable world through the activities they love. As a Trojan horse for sustainability and climate change action, the game contributes to:

  • Actions for implementing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Care for our planet, biodiversity, and wildlife.
  • Consciousness-driven technologies for good with¬†benevolent AI/AGI capabilities.
  • Global movement building for Climate Action and a Planetary Civilization.
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Funding Rewards

Support us in bringing Elowyn: Quest of Time to millions of people around the world by contributing to this project with a donation to our non-profit EARTHwise Centre.

All Donations

Exclusive Live Event

Everyone who donates will receive a personal invite for an exclusive online event, by invitation only, with the creators of the game.

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Donate USD$50, or more

Limited Edition NFT Card

Receive a limited-edition NFT character card for playing against the Moloch AI and joining the Eloywn matches.

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Donate USD$200, or more

Treasure Box

All prior rewards plus a Mystery Treasure Box with in-game assets, and private sneak previews of the game development. 

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Donate USD$1000

Premium Access to Alpha Launch

All prior rewards plus meeting with the team to share your personal input and gain premium access to the CCG Alpha launch.

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Multiple forms of Gameplay

The battle for the Elowyn Tree and and its portal to the New TIme takes place in the Stronghold of Moloch, built atop an ancient sunken temple. Can you outsmart the Moloch deceptions that trick us into playing our future away?

  • Decode the Moloch deceptions that are destroying our world and future.¬†¬†
  • Reverse the Moloch clock by winning back time from the Moloch AI.
  • Restore and utilize the Elowyn Tree of Life and activate a portal to the future world where Moloch is transformed.¬†¬†
  • Develop your Guardians‚Äô (classes) powers by gaining new cards.
  • Earn EWA to upgrade abilities, enhance gameplay, unlock new opportunities, and support real-life solutions and causes.

Web-based Card Game (CCG)

Play against the deceptive Moloch AI to reverse the Moloch timeline and win back time before the clock runs out. Cards can either reverse or speed up time, but can you decode what is really happening? Game mechanics are similar to the Hearthstone game, but you play against a Moloch AI that learns and evolves from your choices.

Matches and Quests (MMORPG)

Set in the Stronghold of Moloch, a sunken temple in post-apocalyptic Earth, you will work with your teammates to shift the timeline for a thriving future and transform the harmful reign of Moloch. Players can form teams of Guardians and Shadow Arcs and compete in 5v2 matches.  In tournaments, their teams can earn EWA as prize money put up by sponsors and advertisers.

Build and Grow (Post-CCG)

  • Discover loot boxes of tokens and digital collectibles.
  • Purchase and trade items in our marketplace.
  • Upgrade your avatar.
  • Level up your skills.
  • Build new structures and tools.¬†
  • Donate EWA to the heart of the Elowyn Tree to help fund projects that help the Earth and improve our lives.

Join the Eloywn Community

Join our Eloywn game Community on Discord and Telegram, so you can give your input as the game is being developed. Ahead of the MVP launch, we'll share fun quizzes and puzzles to get ready of taking on Moloch!

Participate in the Elowyn DAO (coming soon) to contribute via governance proposals and vote in collective decision-making with your EWA token. Become a steward for a thriving ecosystem. 

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The Game Lore

Taking on Moloch


A new civilization calls, one free from control by Moloch, a dangerous force that grew from humanity's base beliefs long ago. Many fell under the hypnotic influence of this force, fueled by their desire for power, domination, and fortune. Now thousands of years later, the Earth's climate systems are tipping, the oceans are dying, and Moloch agents are rising to exploit a world divided by conflict, fear, and greed. The Shadow Arcs are the masters of chaos, ready to exploit our weaknesses and prey on our desires to accomplish their mission.

Deeply concerned about the fate of humanity, a team of Guardians have conceived a plan to stop Moloch's game of world destruction. It involves unlocking the benevolent potential of powerful superintelligences from a future world with the help of the Elowyn Keys. 

Legends tell that these keys were created long ago by the elves of the Elowyn Tree, but few know of their location and rumors go that some have been retrieved by the Shadow Arcs of Moloch.

Only by developing your Guardian powers and going undercover as a Shadow Arc, will you be able to succeed on this dangerous mission. 

The Great Turning has begun, but unless the portal to the New Time opens, Moloch's sinister plan for humanity's extinction will succeed.  Time is of the essence, but which timeline will you play?

  • Playable characters of team New Time: Aleph the Cosmic Coder, Kairos the Future Wizard, Shakti the Evolutionary Alchemist, Gebo the Pattern Weaver, and Eureka the Story Speller.
  • Playable characters of team Moloch: Arcon the Shadow Coder, Nyx the Shadow Wizard, Loki the Shadow Trickster, Vendra the Shadow Weaver, and Dolos the Shadow Storyteller.

Builds on the Award-Winning Future Humans Books

The game mythos expands the stories of the future humans, which began with our award-winning #1 Amazon bestsellers of the Future Humans Trilogy, written by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston. 

Book 1, The Quest of Rose is a Winner of the prestigious 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award, and book 2, Return of the Avatars is a Winner of the 2023 Gold Nautilus Award for books that profoundly make a difference and inspire positive futures.

Elowyn: Quest of Time expands these stories through a whole new book (and film) series by Anneloes Smitsman.  Offering new characters, future legends, and an immersive story universe for all generations. 

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Our Technical Partners

CG Hero serves as our platform for finding and managing a world of leading artists and game studios to deliver next-generation content at scale. They help us to seamlessly expand our team with pre-vetted industry talent, access their network of studios to take care of our production goals, and keep track of our project milestones, tasks, files and deliverables. They connected us with Frag Games to develop the web-based CCG.

Frag Games is a seasoned game studio on the CG Hero platform with extensive experience in creating CCGs and web3 games. They also created the in-game art for God’s Unchained, which has attracted millions of players and billions in trade volume, as well as other established game titles.

SingularityNET serves as our lead strategic and technical partner for the AGI prototype development and expanding the AI capabilities of the game environments, as well as offering essential network opportunities. Our EWA token is launched through the SingularityDAO launch platform, which forms part of the SingularityNET ecosystem.

Hanson Robotics  is our key partner with SingularityNET for developing the AGI capabilities of the game  Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. Hanson AI develops cognitive architecture and AI-based tools that enable their robots to simulate human personalities, have meaningful interactions with people and evolve from those interactions.

VMO Group has developed the game software, NFTs, and POC for the Elowyn MMORPG, as well as the first phase of the game website and NFT marketplace with crypto and fiat payment integrations. They are a leading innovator in AI, IoT, and Blockchain with Web3, Metaverse, AR/VR, Casual and RPG Games.

Hypha DAO x DAO Development: Hypha DAO supports the design of the Elowyn DAO and the DAO tools, as well as collaborative synergies through the EARTHwise Collaboratory that forms part of the Hypha DAO Network. Hypha DAO is an industry leader for providing decentralized web3 governance solutions.

Meet our Team and Advisors

Guided by the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization

Our Compass for Game-Shifting World Transformation

On the Solstice day of 21 December 2022, we launched the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization, which opens with Our Promise:

"We, as future ancestors of a planetary civilization, commit to co-creating thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom of living systems, in partnership with life and our Earth."

The EARTHwise Constitution serves as a new kind of social contract for co-creating a thriving planetary civilization in loving partnership with our Earth.

‚úĒ It is open-source and freely available for you to work with, adjust, and even evolve into a constitution for your life, project, organization, or movement.

‚úĒ It includes a collective vision, evolutionary principles, future archetype codes, unifying values, living systems protocols, and shared commitments for a thriving planetary civilization.

‚úĒ Endorsed by 44+ organizations and thousands of people from around the world.

‚úĒ Serves as an evolutionary framework for collective action. 

This Constitution has been co-created with full appreciation for, and in support of, the myriad of other constitutions, charters, codexes, and covenants that serve a similar purpose. Furthermore, it aligns with and fully endorses the 16 Indigenous Guiding Principles by Four Worlds International Institute, and the  Unitive Narrative that has been drafted by members of the SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Visit the EARTHwise Constitution

EARTHwise Alliance for a Planetary Civilization 

We are grateful for our amazing partners, who have joined us on this journey and form part of the EARTHwise Alliance for a planetary civilization. The Alliance has endorsed the EARTHwise Constitution and supports the game community development and outreach.