"Together we can co-create a thrivable world and future in partnership with life and our precious Earth. I am here for that.
Living systems network and embody the quantum potentials of our Universe through evolutionary capacities that make life possible and thrivable.
We too are living systems. Once we begin to realize what this means, we become EARTHwise..."
~ Anneloes Smitsman

About Anneloes

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM), is a futurist, entrepreneur, systems scientist, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Ventures, and Founder and Managing Director of EARTHwise Centre, co-founder of the EARTHwise DAO, initiator and architect of the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization, and lead architect of the EARTHwise Game for Civilizational Transformation. Her leadership is sought after around the world for making the great transformations feasible.

She was awarded the Visioneers Lifetime Achievement Award as a Visionary Leader in May 2022, and was crowned overall African winner in the  category "Human Development" of the 2022 Africa’s Most Respected CEOs Awards by The Business Executive in collaboration with the Economic Development Board Mauritius, and their technical partners the International Business Council Africa, African Chamber for Trade, African Union, and African Business Council. The award acknowledges CEOs' contributions to the attainment of SDGs by African States. Anneloes and her company EARTHwise Centre are also a winner of the BIZZ 2022 Awards, which is a business excellence award by WORLDCOB, and she was awarded the Africa’s Women Leaders Citation in 2018 by CMO Asia and World Women Leadership Congress.

Anneloes holds a Master’s degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation Into the Heart of Systems Change, is being implemented worldwide for systemic transformation in economics, education, politics, and governance through her proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization.

Anneloes is the co-author with Dr. Jean Houston of the Future Humans Trilogy, which includes The Quest of Rose, a #1 Amazon Bestseller and Silver Winner of the prestigious 2022 Nautilus Book Awards in the category of Personal Growth. As well as Return of the Avatars, Gold Winner of the 2023 Nautilus Book Awards, which also became a #1 Amazon Bestseller. She is also the co-host with Dr. Jean Houston of the Future Humans Podcast for meeting remarkable pioneers from around the world who walk the path of our future human potential. She is the co-editor and co-author with Dr. Alexander Laszlo of The New Paradigm in Politics, and she is the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth, and the narrated version Messages from Mother Earth with soundtracks by Alan Howarth. She is also the author of numerous peer-reviewed journal publications, articles, book chapters, and other publications.

She is the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, and the lead architect of the SEEDS Constitution and the Hypha DAO Constitution where she applied her Cosmic Compass design and Future Archetypes codes, and served for many years as a steward for Hypha and SEEDS for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, and systems.

Anneloes developed the Education for Sustainability program for 18 schools in Mauritius through which she trained over 300 teachers, which reached over 20,000 students. This program also served as national input for the curriculum innovation in Mauritius. Her multi-stakeholder dialogue process was adopted in 2012-2014 in 9 different countries for the UN Rio+20 civil society inputs, and she trained the SIDS (Small Island Developing States) Youth Leaders under UNESCO for the 2014 UN SIDS Youth inputs for the UN SDG formulations. She also played a key role in the cultural heritage protection of the descendants of the slaves and maroons in Mauritius, which contributed to Le Morne Mountain becoming an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

Anneloes is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation, a founding member of the Global Development Board of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, an Advisory Board member of the Interstellar Community Foundation, a r3.0 Advocation Partner, and a partner of the Global Education Futures Initiative.


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Online Courses & Classes with Anneloes

Monthly Coaching Classes

These live monthly online group Coaching Classes with Anneloes provide essential support for our personal and collective transformations. Empowering you to expand your capacities, vision, and consciousness as future humans of the emerging new era. Each class offers unique keys, tools, and practices for shifting your life and impact to higher order possibilities that are not bound up in all the chaos. The mystics, sages, and alchemists knew how to do this, and now you can too.

Through these  classes, Anneloes combines the profound new insights from the new paradigm sciences with her decades of experience in facilitating higher states of consciousness, systemic healing, indigenous wisdom, and transformational change.  


The Future Humans Quest

Develop your future human powers through the wisdom of the higher heart, with the help of 7 Cosmic Architect Tools. Available on-demand and facilitated by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Kurt Barnes. Based on the Tools and practices of Return of the Avatars, Book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes and Dr. Jean Houston. Comes with a unique bonus series: The Quest Conversations with Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Anne Baring, Dr. Anita Sanchez, Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, Dr. Jim Garrison, and Dr. Alexander Laszlo.


The Catalyst Course

Activate your future human potential with the Catalyst Course by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston.  This unique on-demand course guides you how to work with the keys, science, and practices of The Quest of Rose, book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy. You’ll learn how to access and actualize your future human potentials in a conscious way, and transform your life, and our world, from higher orders of reality that are not bound up in all the chaos. The mystics, sages, magi, and alchemists have always known how to do this, and now you can too!


The Leadership Quest

The on-demand Leadership Quest with Anneloes is a foundational course for developing your evolutionary leadership capacities. It includes 14 Masterclasses (in video and audio format), 7 Conscious Leadership Practices based on Anneloes's Leadership Alchemy Process, 7 meditations, exercises, handouts, a library of scientific publications on systems change, and 12 bonus videos with esteemed evolutionary leaders. This quest offers vital support for inner and outer transformation by learning how to consciously work with the transformative powers that become unleashed during major transformations. Weaving together cutting-edge science on systems change (based on her Ph.D. research) with indigenous wisdom, and evolutionary praxis. 


The 5 Future Archetypes

Transform your life with the patterns and capacities of the Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller: the 5 Future Archetypes for metamorphic transformation. Discover the five essential archetypal codes and patterns for actualizing your future potential from higher orders of possibility. Make the paradigm shift as you enter into the next stage of what human development can become. This on-demand course from 2019 includes 7 Modules, practices, and bonus recordings for learning how to work with the 5 Future Archetypes, plus a special bonus video from 2021 for working with these archetypes based on The Quest of Rose.


Publications by Anneloes

The Quest of Rose is Book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy written by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston and is a Silver Winner of the 2022 Nautilus Book Awards in the category of Personal Growth, and became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the categories New Age Mysticism and Systems Theory. Available as paperback, ebook, and audiobook. Also available in German as Die Reise der Rose, translated by Dagmar Wolff.

The Quest of Rose guides you through an experiential transformation journey that weaves together real-life events that are at the forefront of what's happening in our world right now, with cutting-edge insights from the new sciences, indigenous wisdom, and consciousness teachings for discovering the greater possibilities of our future becoming. Already referred to by many world-renowned luminaries as: "a masterpiece", "epic and unlike any other", "one of the most important books of our catalytic time", and "a true gift to humanity." The book offers nine Cosmic Keys and twelve transformation practices for developing your future human potential of a new era.

"The Quest of Rose is ultimately a work of profound hope by offering a powerful new definition of ourselves and a vision of unlimited future possibility. Once you are caught up in Rose's revelations and begin to understand the deep truths within them, a new way of your own being must be born. Allow this brilliant new story to unleash the imaginal cells of your own extraordinary potential and become the future human you were always meant to be." ~ Lynne McTaggart

Return of the Avatars is Book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy written by Anneloes Smitsman, and Jean Houston, and is a Gold Winner of the 2023 Nautilus Book Awards  which became a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the category Evolutionary Psychology. Available as paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

The journey continues and deepens as whole new dangers lurk around the corner, attracted to Rose's growing powers. Join the future humans in this spell-breaking, soul-stirring adventure as they explore essential lessons about power, unity, ego, shadow, hope, courage, and love. Empowered with the discoveries of the Cosmic architecture of life, you’ll now discover how to decode the systems and agendas of the economics of domination and the governance of disunity. Explore the new choices and possibilities by developing your future human powers through the wisdom of the higher heart, with the help of seven Cosmic Architect Tools and ten transformative practices. Although recommended, it is not necessary to have read the first book.

"As we awaken to our true reality, dormant supernatural powers and potential will become the norm. This book is prophetic.”  Deepak Chopra, M.D.

“As Rose deepens her self-knowledge and widens her planetary, solar system, and cosmological awareness, we follow her on this evolutionary path available to humans. Rose creates an evolutionary Cosmic Compass game with new roles for our Avatars, far beyond earlier models. I loved this book!" ~ Hazel Henderson

The EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization is one of our most ambitious collaborative initiatives for addressing the root causes of the sustainability crisis. Architected and initiated by Anneloes, the Constitution serves as an open-source Compass and social-contract for co-creating thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom and evolutionary capacities of living systems. Supporting us in becoming the future humans of an emerging planetary civilization, as our collective pledge for healing our divided worlds and regenerating our Earth.

As a Compass, each article in the Constitution serves as a coordinate on the Compass that we can explore and actualize for moving towards thriving, and avoiding collapse. Endorsed and supported by the EARTHwise Partnership Alliance for a planetary civilization with 40+ organizations and movements (growing rapidly).

The New Paradigm in Politics by co-editors and co-authors Anneloes Smitsman and Alexander Laszlo and the book's series editor, Ervin Laszlo, provide an exploration of the necessary transformation of our contemporary political systems and practices. In August 2021 The Laszlo Institute hosted “The New Paradigm in Politics Symposium.” This book summarizes the key ideas and practices of 35 world-renowned thought leaders in the fields of systems science, futurism, consciousness research, public policy, law, social science, and philosophy who advocate the role of politics to create a new paradigm in human civilizational development. Contributors include Nafeez Ahmed, Frederick Tsao, Garry Jacobs, Jean Houston, Rama Mani, Violeta Bulc, Youssef Mahmoud, Charles Eisenstein, Flavia Valgiusti, Naresh Singh, and others. The New Paradigm in Politics provides the grounds for the design of systems of governance that are based on holism and interdependence—rather than the old mechanistic paradigm of dualism and separation.

Love Letters from Mother Earth - The Promise of a New Beginning by Anneloes Smitsman, became an Amazon Bestseller in 2018. It includes thirteen letters in the voice of Mother Earth to guide us into the heart of our humanity and remember the essence of who we truly are. Providing essential wisdom and support that our planet, as a caring and conscious Mother, shares for this challenging time. Supporting you to discover three keys of wisdom for actualizing our unity and transforming the root causes of thousands of years of division. 

Messages from Mother Earth  is based on the book, Love Letters from Mother Earth, and provides a unique audio experience for entering into unity with the consciousness of Mother Earth. Each Message carries you to the beauty and wisdom of life within you, carried by the voice of Mother Earth. Coming home to who you are beyond this time and place. Remembering life from wholeness and discovering the seed codes for a New Beginning.

 Messages from Mother Earth is created and spoken by Anneloes Smitsman with music composed and produced by Alan Howarth. The music is tuned to an A note of 424 cycles (Hz), which is the natural resonance of the heart. 

The r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint for which Dr. Anneloes Smitsman served as the lead author, provides 7 Transformative Learning Perspectives for Regeneration and Thrivability. The Blueprint shares the stories, perspectives, and suggestions of an eclectic group of educators, economists, evolutionary scientists, transformation facilitators, and system designers. The seven interconnected Learning Perspectives form the foundation for the inner and outer shifts towards regeneration and thrivability. 

Each Learning Perspective is explored through a three-fold structure that offers various dimensions of each theme. The full Blueprint is summarized through a list of recommendations.

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman served as the lead architect for the architecture of The SEEDS Constitution. Part 1 of the Constitution is designed as a Thrivability Compass, based on her Cosmic Compass design. The SEEDS Constitution is a unique founding document that revolutionizes governance, technology, and economics for regenerative human development. it serves the evolution and development of the SEEDS ecosystem, and serves as an evolutionary blueprint for Constitutional design for regeneration and thrivability. It became official on 10 July 2021, as the result of an extensive consultation through 8 Constitutional Assemblies, with over 1500+ comments between various drafts from 120+ people from around the world. The "Declaration" of SEEDS reads: 

"We, as the people of SEEDS, adopt this Constitution as our living compass, to co-create the evolutionary systems, cultures, and tools for thriving civilisations and the regeneration of our planet."

Into the Heart of Systems Change

Into the Heart of Systems Change, is the Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, and presents her research as an external researcher at the Maastricht Sustainability Institute (formerly ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands, from September 2014 to August 2019.

The dissertation offers a diagnostic integral framework for addressing key systemic barriers of mechanistic systems and growth models, which are at the root of our worsening sustainability crisis. The dissertation includes a Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization through 7 steps. The framework supports an in-depth exploration of the informational dynamics of healthy living systems, and the extent to which this is harmed and decoupled by mechanistic growth archetypes that are not coherent with the evolutionary process of life. Seven systemic thrivability barriers are diagnosed and explored through case-study research, and addressed through seven tested transformation strategies.

An essential distinction is made between systemic barriers that emerge from mechanistic growth archetypes that are decoupled from the evolutionary process of life, and systemic boundaries that emerge from the regulation of the interdependencies and evolutionary coherence of living systems.

A life-centric qualitative growth model is offered with 5 Future Archetypes through a narrative of thrivability, instead of mere sustainability. Various methods are combined into an integral approach for systemic transformation, weaving together indigenous wisdom, new paradigm cosmology, informational sciences, quantum physics, evolutionary biology, and complexity sciences - grounded in the praxis of inner and outer systems change. 

The research outcomes are being applied worldwide for the design and development of new regenerative economic and governance systems, such as the SEEDS Constitution and the Hypha DAO. The outcomes also served as key inputs for the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint.

Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization

This article provides a summary of Into the Heart of Systems Change, and its proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization that can be summarized in 7 steps:

  1. Address and transform the systemic thrivability barriers through transformation strategies that address the dualistically polarising dynamics of mechanistic systems, and transform degenerative behavioural patterns that undermine the transition to a thrivable civilization.
  2. Develop future creative capacities through evolutionary learning processes that are embedded within evolutionary learning communities and evolutionary learning ecosystems.
  3. Apply evolutionary growth archetypes and thrivabilty patterns for our societal and human development, like the 5 Future Archetypes for actualizing our future potential, and which have been applied in the archetypal design of the DAO for Hypha, and the SEEDS Constitution.
  4. Develop regenerative, inclusive, and distributive economies that are designed as evolutionary living systems, whereby success and progress are based how we thrive and evolve with our planet as a whole.
  5. Develop governance systems and institutional design for the future that enables the transition to a thrivable civilization, by empowering people with the means and opportunities for deciding together on the necessary actions for a thriving world and future.
  6. Work with the transformative potentials of social tipping points dynamics for the required societal transformations and grassroots engagement for a thrivable civilization. For example, the EARTHwise Tipping Point System and its Earth Song project.

Endorsements for Anneloes & her work

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

World-Renowned Pioneer in Personal Transformation

“Full of wisdom and insight, with a vision of the future everyone can benefit from in our age of change amid uncertainty. The Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston is an act of true compassion, which exhibits empathy and understanding that leads to answers, and the answers are the essence of the world’s wisdom traditions. The stories in this Trilogy speak directly to the heart, where all inner journeys begin. When the heart awakens, the person is transformed. This Trilogy is living proof that such a radical change is desirable, possible, and necessary in everyone’s life."  

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Principal founder of the Human Potential Movement

"Anneloes Smitsman is a leader and pioneer in the development of the architecture of creating civilizations that enhance the wellbeing of both person and planet. In this she is a treasure trove of ingenuity and wisdom. She is one whom leaders in social evolution regard as the person who has the genius to implement the revolutionary solutions and visions that can advance the necessary development of both people and planet. I, as well as many others, regard Anneloes as a female Einstein. I met prof Einstein when I was 8 years old, and he told me that his greatest quality was imagination, a quality which Anneloes shares abundantly and which informs her extraordinary creative gifts. She is a living example of what it means to walk the path of the emerging future human. 

Knowing her very well and having worked with her in the development of our books and courses, I can honestly say that she is one of the brightest minds I have ever met. She is a true renaissance woman who brings her unique gifts to the kinds of design and implementation that have the power to shift the negative trajectories of our present world, and thus she creates the designs and solutions that introduce a whole new architecture that inspires while it implements the creation of the promise and dream of a thriving world. Anneloes brings together the tools and the practical knowledge to accomplish this evolutionary task.” 

Lynne McTaggart

World-Renowned Pioneer in the New Science of Consciousness

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman’s original research has relentlessly delved into revolutionary ideas and brought radical new scientific truths to light. And her background as a creative force of systemic transformation in education, economics, governance, and ecology has resulted from a marriage between her scientific originality and her extensive experience in the spiritual and mystical realms. The Future Humans Trilogy is a work of profound hope during these tumultuous times, by offering a powerful new definition of ourselves and a vision of unlimited future possibility."

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

World-Renowned Pioneer Evolutionary Biology

“To survive through evolutionary chaos, we must first recover our creative powers. In Return of the Avatars, book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy, distinguished visionaries Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston offer vital tools for accessing, activating, and empowering innate creative consciousness. Return of the Avatars is a profoundly important science-based guide for future humans to become Cosmic architects of a sustainable and thrivable world. I highly recommend this readable book as a valuable and empowering contribution in nurturing our evolving civilization.”

Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

Cosmologist, Futurist & Author of The Cosmic Hologram

"Through her writing and teaching, Anneloes’s authenticity and wisdom radiate with a crystal clarity and resonate with compassionate grace. Gently she guides readers and students through journeys of inner and outer discovery, inspiring and empowering them to re-member their own true selves and sense of purpose. As a teacher, guide and companion, she is a loving and hopeful gift of Spirit to the world." 

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.

Scientist, Noble Peace Prize Nominee

"We live in the most crucial epoch in the recent history of humanity. We need to rethink where we are going, and change the way we go. We need to BE the change we want to see in the world.  This calls for leadership — leading ourselves to be the change we need. This is perhaps the most vital quest of our time. Joining the  leadership programs of Dr. Anneloes Smitsman could be one of the most effective steps you could now take." 

Lawrence Bloom

Former Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation

In my blessed life’s journey I have had the true privilege of meeting some extraordinary and remarkable souls. Anneloes Smitsman is up there with the best of the very best. From vision to strategy, from strategy to tactics, from tactics to operations, she is a profound and very rare master. I recommend her unhesitatingly, and celebrate our personal friendship and her gift of mentorship to me.” 

Interviews, Podcasts & Talks with Anneloes