The EARTHwise Masterclass Collection

Incredible Value for your Personal Development

"Through the monthly Masterclasses, I continued learning about the future archetypal wisdom needed to help our Earth, as well as to stay in conversation with the wonderful people from the Quest.  In supporting what EARTHwise offers, I have found an organization I can fully say “YES” to.” ~ Elisabet Van Der Horst

From June 2019-December 2020 we facilitated monthly online Masterclasses for developing our EARTHwise capacities. These Masterclasses were facilitated by Dr Anneloes Smitsman, Dr Kurt Barnes, Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Kim Conrad, and Justine Page. We have made this collection of Masterclasses available via our online library. You'll receive:

  • 23 Masterclass video recordings via our online library.
  • Bonus videos of interviews with esteemed evolutionary leaders.
  • Meditations recording for entering into higher consciousness states.
  • Wisdom resources for deepening your knowledge and capacities for transformational change.
  • Special Bonus Video with the first 3 Letters from Love Letters from Mother Earth - The Promise of a New Beginning, by Anneloes Smitsman.

Your contribution helps us to continue our non-profit activities and continue our scholarship programs for youth, elders, and indigenous communities. Thank you!!  


Direct access to our online EARTHwise Masterclass Collection


Meditation for Inner Calm

Enjoy this meditation by Dr Kurt Barnes and many more through the online Masterclass Collection for only $220 USD.


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